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Yes this is really me, really us And I still have the graphic tees And the white tube socks And all the other things we never wear anymore All the other things that collect dust in the closet
~ by Debi Lyn Mon, 09/27/21 - 5:30 pm   Nobody knows me; nobody cares. Nobody loves me; nobody dares. Nobody goes out of their way.
I wish I could look at the ocean and see the waves crashing against the shore, but I can't.Instead I see the plastic polluting our oceans. I think about sea creatures dying.
I'm moving forward in life. I need to take the advice. There's a voice in the back of my head, checking it twice. Make the right decisions, so that I'll avoid collision.
How do you write something happy that's also good?   My efforts always seem to fall short when I attempt to write about how the sun feels on my skin, because that skin contains scars
What should America be? A country fo you? Or for me? Most would say "The greatest nation in the world" That's an easy answer, for a not-so-easy girl But why? What makes us great? Our money? Or lucky fates?
You came home late last night I noticed not because I waited for you but because when you're outside pounding on the door you were moaning your name
The sky exposes my melancholy and distress, I won't be the girl next to you in a white dress. Why did you ruin our dreams? Perhaps it was a nighmare in reality and woke you up in screams.  
Angel of darkness Marksman within nothingness Life’s ending cession Ever watching life’s play park Tribute to the angel shark. Ending is beginning
The world may be a dark sky But God you're still my bright light. You shine through the gray, like the sun shines in May.  
People like drama  they are hard to please  hard to entertain  hard to hold on to  slipping through your fingers like water   So far gone.     When I do the right thing I feel hollow 
As I look to the sky, my thoughts dwindle the clear blue eases my mind with no effort I close my eyes as the blue and grey mix smelling the sweet air of rain, i smile.  
Of course no one knows. But I do know what you’d get If there was one.
1) Don't ever depend on others if you don't have to.2) I miss the fall leaves. I miss how I shivered in snow.3) I don't know what to say to him.4) I have bad ankles because I never stood up for myself.
On a daily basis there's a question that raises as i go through the book of my life just turning pages amazing from chapter to chapter I see disaster, tribulations, new mercies that God has demonstrated
Forget The World With Me?
Thoughts unhinderedTravel spry, in the form of prose,Observation won't ceasewhen the world slows.
Is this fantasy? There's a possibility. Why must I question?
Every answer is a lie, Every night it all unfolds. Only when I'd rather die Is when the truth is told.   Every answer is one I hide, It scares me more than you know Because when I search,
Born from woman, we strive for meaning linking one body to the next, one life to another, one meaning in the subtext of what we call freedom.   Our search continues,
People write to inspire, to change an opinion, to sell a book, to sell a point - but those don’t define my reasons. Asking me why I write is like asking a kid why she sculpted her sand castle the way she did. Because I could.
How I would love to love a scientist of curious mind and dazzled eyes which seek understanding of complexities in order to bask in their impossible beauty for they understand the statistical significance
The ceiling is empty when it comes to answers but what else am I to look up to? My mind is on overdrive
I must defeat this horrible pain because in my heart it is a stain I despise this whole it gets wider and wider my veins spring out, like the legs of a spider it sucks in all the truth in my heart 
Timeless Stone             An ageless face             Carved under sunlight,             Ripened by moonlight.             A tasteless taste  
If Time passes like the wind is it really that Important? If people die every day do their lives even mean a thing? Why are we even here if we will just pass away someday? Why are we existing
Where is it you ask? Why, to the south In the place of the things The things that were seen By the people. Do you remember the people? They came here a long time ago In carts,
Cut out your fear and aggravation
Who Am I? Confused, Terrified, Unworthy Inside Smiles, Bright, Cherished Outside Does everyone think this way or Is it just me? As the starting point of a child's book is about to unwrap here to see. 
I've left you hurt Dazed Confused Lost and what did you do? Called Wrote Cared
It hurts me to breath, it hurts me to weepIn silence we all bear this tragedyWe hold tight to our babiesOur family and friendsAs our hearts fall to piecesfor twenty lives left unlived.
 When I looked I couldn't believe just what I saw I saw a man Sitting on his throne With my mind blown I fall to my knees  Screaming out  "LORD HELP ME PLEASE" He says "Son what you're looking for isn't on this EarthBut if you can trust me you wil
What am I feeling, I don’t know myself, I question but there seems to be no answer Then I wonder and see if it can be found.   After awhile, I rest and dream. Your always in them, it was a very pleasant dream.
Today I became angry with GodWhom I do not believe in
We're broken from the inside out tell me where do we go now in these dark nights and hopeless times when all our faith runs out
God with us God with us, I’ve heard it said before But what does it really mean to be with the Lord?
(poems go here) (A young boy is being interviewed on the happenings at Conneticut Elementary. He tries to get it out as best he can, but his feelings right now are a mixture of emotions his soul has never encountered. He begins to speak)
There are explanations. Explanations that God keeps tucked away in a little box, In the corner of his office. He doesn’t even know what he wants to do with them.
Bleed, pour, sacrifice Your body and your soul Fight back, or give in But you will never be whole.
In the event I die tonight, I’m telling you I love you So that if I’m truly gone tomorrow, I’ll have no regrets On the way to heaven. And when I find those pearly gates,
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