word play

Thu, 06/25/2015 - 15:59 -- Bravo

On a daily basis
there's a question that raises
as i
go through the book of my life just turning pages amazing from chapter to chapter I see disaster, tribulations, new mercies that God has demonstrated
I made it through grace related interventions
not to mention the guidance I'm given when I'm defended I've been broken and I've been mended
the progress that I've made has been tremendous
from start to finish
repentance? A tool that's implemented
to ensure I relented; not only that but i meant it
from a vantage point
I see the advantages when God manages my life
I don't think twice
opposite of an analyst
why ask why without the answer than I can't exist
star gazing in the distance waiting to see two planets kiss
pain isn't forever it comes and than it vanishes
How do I carry on? Well my song lingers inside me...


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