The ceiling is empty when it comes to answers

but what else am I to look up to?

My mind is on overdrive

though my overworked body wants nothing more but to sleep


I am less than a year away from leaving

 but where to?

The windy city calls my name

Hoping to make some sort of fortune or fame

but everyone wants something different for me

What if I am mistaken?


You spend your whole childhood wishing

Wishing to grow older, to be wiser, to be in charge,

just to wish to grow young once again

I am no longer a child

Maybe the time has come to take charge,

to be an adult


Though my mother's arms will always welcome me back,

the process is one so bittersweet 

There's just too much to lack

Will i meet their expectations?


I will wait for the ceiling to answer me. 




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