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i drop a tear, fall to the ground, you never realized my pain have you? well sometimes i need you to stick by me, but you always wanna leave me behind like dust, you gave up on me, now im a shadow covered with dust.
Nowhere to go and no friends to roam the streets   Hoping that someone will find out Find out that you have been carrying a lie That smile on your face everyday
39 Strikes of paint on a canvas telling me to, Never Give Up Never Give Enough Never Give Up Never Give Enough Never Good Enoug- Im Never Good Enough . . .
You win. I won’t press play. Let’s stay… Stay paused for I don’t deserve to move forward. You deserve better… A better helping hand. A better system. Selfish… that I do remain.
High school I wasted. College I hated. Everthing seemed more important than saying I made it. A high was sufficent. For that I was persistent. Had something to say but nobody would listen. Yeah I had morals. Hopes and dreams, those too.
hope   Is it the only thing able to change everything for the better? Is it the only thing that is able to change people? Is it what drives people to keep going despite the odds againt them?
  Watch the rain drizzle downIt threatens to ne'er endBut all wounds someday healAnd wings will always mend
Amidst all the try-hards and give-ups, Stand the happy middle of the two Who hasn't crashed and burned yet And who still hasn't made it through Who's looking inside that tight circle?
So we're back at it again, Picking up where we left off. Let's just act and play pretend, Like we never broke at all. Sticking to our roles, see who can play them best.
How can I reach for the stars at night? When I look up I'm blinded, the moon's too bright. How's one to dream big when sleep is the enemy? No time for sleep at night, I'm hopelessly reaching..
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