Giving Up


United States
33° 45' 30.2472" N, 81° 0' 33.1416" W

How can I reach for the stars at night?
When I look up I'm blinded, the moon's too bright.
How's one to dream big
when sleep is the enemy?
No time for sleep at night,
I'm hopelessly reaching..

I always build my hopes too high
Another crash and burn
Last hello, first goodbye.
Needle and thread won't work anymore
My heart is too weak, my chest is sore.

You came along and swept me off my feet
Then left me lying on the ground, asking
Why didn't you catch me?

How can I look for the light of day?
When I search for the sun clouds get in my way.
How's one to dream big?
Sleep escapes reality.
No need in dreaming all day
I'm hopelessly searching..


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