Fighting is an option

Not a way of life
It can hurt like the point of a knife
Violence won't be your housewife
She will hurt you 
Cut you up
Wait for her to blowup
She'll have you calling for backup
Violence and fighting will end nothing
Just start a new mess
Leave you wearing blood as a dress
But you're still saying yes
Too many kids die 
Fighting like dogs 
Buying scars out of catalogs 
Splitting others open like logs
There isn't a safe place on earth
Buried six feet deep
Laying there just to weep
Maybe faith isn't such a leap
Faith in humanity 
In it failing 
Listen to the people wailing 
See how they are flailing 
All because people are horrid
They fight 
Thinking it's a right 
Suddenly death has lost its bite
I have given up
I know the world has lied
Even though many tried 
The world has died 


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