Not What You Do

Nowhere to go and no friends to roam the streets


Hoping that someone will find out

Find out that you have been carrying a lie

That smile on your face everyday

Is not as it seems

You are not living your dreams

But instead creating streams


You were told it would always get better


And you believed


You took out the letter that crackled and cried


Cried because you missed them


Cried because you never tried

And cried because they died

They left you here

But you never gave up

You still had hope even though some people want you to let it go

They want you to feel as blue as a berry


Want you to feel all the weight you carry on your shoulders


As heavy as boulders

But that’s not what you do

You’re not one for giving up

Your realized something

As the wind whispered through the grass

This is a pass

Sadly some stories stop short

But not yours


Your strong

They wouldn’t want this

You’re family


You’re friends

Even your next door neighbor

Wouldn't want you to give up

You’ve come too far to turn back around


This poem is about: 
Our world


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