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I've always been an atheist no God could have grounded me 'cause I saw all lands like temples hallowed sanctuaries to find refuge and my faith was held by the people around me.
It is a transcendenceof space and time.A place to dieand be bornand liveand learnand lose and gain.  
 No, it wasn’t easy living without you… Running up and down these roads just to make time pass by, I probably crossed your path on Hwy 27 or I-75!---   No, it wasn’t easy to find my way to you…
Poetry is true But what if I'm running circles around you We're caught in our love letters and lost graces We're lost in thought as we chase stars mingling with each other's bodies and finding
Poetry is true But what if I'm running circles around you We're caught in our love letters and lost graces We're lost in thought as we chase stars mingling with each other's bodies and finding
Finding your voice is not easy to do. It all starts with a problem you need to get through. After trying to deal with it all by yourself, You think, "maybe I should look outside myself."
Sometimes my heart doesn't fit in my  mouth Instead, meaningless words tumble out I wish the right phrases could roll off my tongue So how much you mean to me could become
I was a man of industry Wrought iron bars towards the distance Eden was promising company Reapers mowed through the gardens Heavenly light begged for shadows Peter sang out, "efficiency"
I couldn’t tell you what I thought at the beginning of this year Every word people said were just words that… Bounced off my ear   I graduated high school with a 4.0 Easy for me, everyone expected me to
I believe that many say, time changes It molds, grows, shapes, scrapes, You  I, with tired limbs, heavy eyes, a crazy sleep schedule
Like a baby, my first steps are difficult. I fall countless times. There are bruises and wounds to remember the struggle. And like a baby, I keep trying. Like a baby, I look ahead and find Father waiting for me.
Poetry found mewhere darkness embodied my soul.When all my bad deeds refused to allow me to seek forgiveness,Poetry found me.
I have so many dreams in my life, it’s like no one knows who I am. There’s a mask over my face, and I’m as weak as a baby lamb. I write roaring, fragile words hoping that no one sees them.
Oh caption my caption   Is where it all started It was Honors English 11 and I was nearly departed We have been doing poetry for a while And I was quite tired   Everyone seemed to hate this unit
I stepped off the plane into a new land, and new language, and new climate, and a new culture. It was humid in Hanoi.  It was dirty. Dirt sat in the streets and people sat on the sidewalks.
Anonymous, AnonymousDo you find yourself stressing constantly?Are you lost as to where you went wrong in this crazy life nonsense?Are you unsure of who you are....Or what your life should represent?
I've try to convert if I can The will of the canvas at my demand So many different ones to counsel in Purple, red, yellow, blue or green
I see me Not a me I want to see... but a me that I can't unseen A me that is viewed as incadescant in the eyes of the profane A me that sins to fit in with people that believe
Did you have to cut me off  with those sharp edges. did you leave on such a thin note? heavy harmonizing with my reality? tuning into my pockets i emptied in following my heart on that flight to you?
When you see that pretty lone flower you pick. When you see the random round rock you kick it. When you see me you see nothing different,
My pictures have been fake for years My eyes don't sparkle like they used to I try to drown out my mind with music and drinks My heart and soul don’t quite work right I'm hurting on the inside  
Makeup and picture themes Time well spend
I am a fleeting fragment
Who am I, through a completely organic lense? A lense with no skewer or sharpener no falsehoods or pretends   What am I in an entirely natural glow? A glow that eminates my true personality
Remove the filters that surround our lives.  Don't sugarcoat it to the ones outside.  The world as we know it can be harsh and cruel, so let's not pretend that it always looks cool.
when one takes a scroll through my instgram feed they see a girl who is a animal lover,music lover, food lover and a make up enthusias but when I the stop posing
Who am I deep down? Am I flawless, or am I hidious.  What do people think of me deep down. She is perfection, she is distruction. But deep down I am just me. I am me. Not you or her or him or them.
This is me Unedited,  Unfiltered me I am the cries at night when hearts break The anger when it's broken I am the fear when the world is coming down The tension felt when it's falling
Will to love the wrong person Their ugliness never seems to bleed
I am a teenager I am reckless I make mistakes I stay out late and do nothing I am on my phone all day    I am a student I have 3.0 GPA I am a leader I take too many AP Classes
I am dark eye circles. I am nothing but gross, winter skin tapered onto a bored face. I am yellowed teeth, and thanks to dad, hideous manbrows.
If I must confess
I searchedfor youin crowds,in my dreams,in the stars,But I foundYouwere in my heart.
I made myself in their image by the time I was 13. Squeezed my body into the pieces of their machine. My laugh too boisterous, I learned to snicker. My smile too wide, I snapped it in half.
Stop playing games Don’t continue to wait Stop denying it Say you love me.   Stop using words Stop writing cards This is really not that hard Show me, you love me.  
I find reasons to love you, I find reasons not to love you.
Lost He’s lost his mind
    The room was dull in color. Browns and beiges flooded the walls and floors. The lack of air was pungent, strangling me secretly. Benches were filled with burdened faces and twitching hands.
"Finding" It's for the release. It's for the rhyme. It's for the rhythm. And falling away from time.   I write for the freedom. I write to bind.
I Remember My exploration of limericks, stanzas started at poets drawn from shavings of high ambition. Fragmented dreams, misplaced desires etched with ink onto my Incomplete storyboard.  
What is writing, Is it life? Immortalized in strokes of pen and keyboard? Is it the author, proudly displaying scars? Dripping ink-ridden blood all over used-to-be-white pages?
When the world around you closes in, go find the Whipperen. When everything seems difficult, search for the one you must consult. When life is hard and course as gravel, go down the road through which few travel.
Am I guilty of falling down? Because I feel the same. Can this be different than before? Difference is only an Idea. Everyone could feel this way. Feeling only what I’ve been constructed to feel.
(poems go here) Blinding winds Separate from all others, Put out your arms Try and find the end The goal The howl Filling your head, steeped in whirls of thought The cold presses in
A boy Could have been a girl Walked among the moon Wondering where the stars were The glittering light above Teased him so
People who scream and shout, What the fuck is that shit all about Today you said I love you, I hate you, I wish you were dead But at the end of the day you should be lucky to be blessed.
People who scream and shout, What the fuck is that shit all about Today you said I love you, I hate you, I wish you were dead But at the end of the day you should be lucky to be blessed.
Be aware if you dare stare i don't care i have everything being my teddy bear its ok if you dont like me but i bet my life you wont doubt me because i have potential like no other
Today I am 17, soon to be 18 and it wont be long until adults will respect me, youth will reflect me. But I just sit here in my room waiting for Peter Pan to come. Before
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