Finding the Right Match

Mon, 07/25/2016 - 18:05 -- loveLT

Oh caption my caption


Is where it all started

It was Honors English 11 and I was nearly departed

We have been doing poetry for a while

And I was quite tired


Everyone seemed to hate this unit

But we had to get through it

Then the captain came along

And it didn't take long


It just felt different, not like the others

Unique with its very own colors

I never liked poetry because I never connected to it

If only I knew I would soon fall in love with it


Poetry is not only rhymes 

It makes up music that chimes

And I still can't believe I've learned so much from that class

It helped me to better understand the glass


It's about perspective and peoples are unique

My perspective is just a little more tweaked

I'm not a fan of all, but respect for the craft

Because poetry is not an easy task

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