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Like the sun and moon endlessly chasing after one another giving warmth, one moment a piercing bone chilling cold in the next i chase after you still my voice reaches out, but I am not heard
I want to talk for hours with you. I want to hear your voice. I want to be near and dear to you. I want you to protect me from the voices in my mind.
I’m not a poet.  I have tried writing poetry before And it never worked out. But if I decided, one day, that I wanted To become a poet, all my poems
I look at you and I see so much you have hidden from others and the world.All your pain, the untold fears, the scars and even the thought of deathhas plagued your mind once upon a time.I speak to you looking in your eyes,
A message comes out of nowhere... "Hey girl, what are you up to rn?" Seems perfectly safely unsafe, but I answer anyways. "Oh, you know, nothing much."
Loving you came in waves.  At first, the water only touched my toes  With text messages and winking emojis Then the water was to my ankles You texted me every day,  It didn't matter what we talked about 
Seeking a connection to you is like reaching out to grab the air.  As I fall down a 20 foot cliff. -Where are you now?
I wish I was as talented as you I wish I could act like you I wish I could use my fire, my desire, to fuel myself like you I'm not as creative as you
Trapped by the inconsistencies of Love. Never knowing when I will fall in. 
What will you do Who will you be Yesterday is gone Tomorrow seems like an eternity But so How do I make my choice Which way do I go The easy way out Rather than to stay and suffer
the hopeless romantic came out in me. such a short time it took for me to realize what I wanted. it’s funny, though, because I assumed through your soft words and gentle actions that it came out in you, too.
The warming sensation that you get when it run down your arm
Again. It came crashing down on my windowsil. Raking, tapping, billowing. It clouded my thoughts, yet cleared them too. It reminded me of you.
I haven't got the slightest.
You give me tears, you give me love, but there's more you do that lifts my heart, eve
I want to pound my head into the floor. I want to pound my lips into yours. I want you to cut me open- See my raw, blistered heart And hold it in your hands. I want to be enough to clear your airways.
This is what happens when I speak my mind. "All you do is complain all the time." This is why I can't be me. Because, you see, to me, my life is just not complete.
My experience with love is  painful unforgettable betrayal Eight months making memories moments music Proving people wrong with clashing thoughts personalities
Word after word
I look around but see no one,At least no one that I have knownFor here in this forgotten world
  You see, he was once a man; Whole. He was a body and a soul; But his soul seems to have left him And only the shell remains.   The music of war is all he hears.
When you laugh from afar,         I have no choice but to wonder who made you do so.             I grow envious of that person,                         Whoever it may be,                          
Though her lips say she doesn't, her eyes say she still does love him.  She looks at him like she looks at no one else. It's cliché, but her eyes do sparkle and light up
Days, Weeks, Months, They pass. And I wait. I wait on you. I wait on a FaceTime,  A call, Some word. But you don't call. You don't FaceTime, You send no word.
if and only do not mix, but me and you do. what and if don't belong together, but me and you do. life isn't always perfect, but me and you are. everyone isn't always loved, but me and you are.
My Haven that once used to be, is no longer.The once familiar place, has vanished.Locks and keys with no match,A maze filled with no exits, no entrances, no answers.
The morning came And everything was the same, except it wasn’t. You hear voices But you don’t know what they’re saying. Everything you once knew before Is lost like your football t-shirt from middle school.
I’m the English nerd Never having enough Shakespeare on hand analyzing movie plots as if they were books wondering if in reality we are just a story with a destiny with some author out there
Back and forth I go, Swinging to and fro, As the world spins below, For a reason I do not know. Pumping my legs and gaining height. Thinking that the spinning would stop and hoping that it might.
Dreaming Wanting Achieving Poetry gives me meaning It inspires me Poetry in music Gets me through the day It's the reason I am breathing It's the reason I am going to college
The hands of time slowed down and opened onto a scene. There stands a man with his shadow casted over a small form.
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