My Somebody

The warming sensation that you get when it run down your arm

When there so much pain you can hardly breathe

You feel as if you're falling and no ones reaching down to grab you

You’re just waiting to feel the arms 

that will support you and not let you go

As if their your ground that you can plant your seed to grow


That somebody that’ll be your stop

That to fight all the thoughts 

Away from your mind

That person I need

To hear that person’s voice assuring me 


I can make it through this 

I’m here for you

Where is my somebody

I’m waiting to feel the arms that will support me and not let me go

I need that somebody


That somebody that will be as caring as a brother is to a newborn sister

That somebody who would protect me from myself

From all the darkness in this world

From all my insecurities


I need that somebody

I want that somebody

When you’re all alone in your room

That when my soul fight my thoughts

That somebody can be their 


Being my superman to come save me from myself

That somebody can end the war 

That person to help heal my wounds

To take all the bad that’s coming to me

I need and want that somebody

This poem is about: 
Our world


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