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I wish I was as talented as you

I wish I could act like you

I wish I could use my fire, my desire, to fuel myself like you

I'm not as creative as you

My thoughts are not tangible and real, within reach like yours, like you

I cannot think in new ways like you

I cannot be sure in everything I do, like you

Just like how I cannot succeed in everything, like you

But I guess that's the difference, between you and me

While I sit and wait, you go, go, go

While I am stunted and not moving, and not being all that I should be, you grow, grow, grow

I'm a dead tumbleweed, rolling in the desert that is my uniqueness, you're a tall, swaying, pine in a lush forest

I'm a frozen lake, while you're a cascading waterfall

I'm a little kid, while you're ninety years old, bursting with experiences and wisdom

I guess this poem is just another way I can't follow through, another way I am inadequate 

Because what I am really trying to say is

I want to be you

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