I Want More

Trapped by the inconsistencies of Love.

Never knowing when I will fall in. 

But trust I'm fallin... fast hard strong for you. We never meant for this to happen but, I can't seem to walk away. I'm in love. I don’t know what to do. Every day I fall further in. Sliding down the rope that has been lassoed around me but this lasso is full of negativity while your smile is full of opportunity. Opportunity for me to fall faster. Hell I'll let go of the rope. Why because I hope.. no I know there will be a soft cushion waiting for me at the bottom of the hole along with you there helping me get up on my feet. I see myself very happy.  Claiming you, holding you, loving you. Enjoying your every move and every touch. And as your lips touch mine I wake up in tears because the things that felt so right can't be apprehended. But I don't seem to care. I'm doing things I told myself I wouldn't do. Ever... I wish the table was turnt a different way. This is one messy situation. I'm under the light being interrogated by my thoughts. Because I wanted this but I can't stand the thought of you and him being an item. Meanwhile I'm here trying to grasp every little piece of you I can get. But I'm greedy and want more. 

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