If I Were a Poet

I’m not a poet. 

I have tried writing poetry before

And it never worked out.

But if I decided, one day, that I wanted

To become a poet, all my poems

Would be about you.


I would write about the softness of 

your scruff on my cheek. The 

Way that your touch on my

Knee gives me more pleasure than

Alcoholics have after they get their

Fix. I would make sure the

Entire world knows all your

Flaws and that I Love 

You any way.


If I were a poet, I would

Try to write about every 

Time I’ve fallen in love with

You. I would fail because every

Second I’m with you, I fall 

Harder and deeper. You would

Never question my adoration for

You again. I would hide

My poems around the house

Where they wait excitedly

For you to find them

And explore their words.


If I were a poet, I would learn 

How to accurately describe your

Beautiful personality that

Cheers me up like chocolate

Keeps me sane.

I need to have 

You around and if becoming

A poet is what I need to do

To make you stay, so be it.


But know that I am not a poet. 

If you need me to become a 

Poet for you to know my love

And hold me tight, I will. If I 

Decide one day that I want

To become a poet, all the

Poems I would ever write

Would be about you.



Adela Lau

wow this is beautiful <3


That was amzing. 

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