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  I’m trapped I’m caged  I’m in a daze   All these days go by slowly I feel so lowly  I’m waitin’ for that release
  I do not understand how some people can do it: work until their eyes bleed, study until their fingers ache, and stay up all night like a nocturnal beast.
Fear. The mess of tangled thoughts, mangled anxieties, strangled shouts That invades your brain On quiet nights.   Fear.
Leaves crumple under my feet as my eyes are fogged by my layered tears. I’m walking under the brightest street lights, but still feeling completely in the
O beautiful for standard tests, For health worth less than grades, For against what the kids request Upon us stress cascades! America! America!
Do you remember how it felt when the wind blew pleasantly brushing your hair side to side? It's a comforting feeling, a feeling that one can appriecate, Even though it is not expected.  
From one day to the next, The clock keeps ticking.  However I think I've been hexed
For once, I have never felt so desperate judging myself for what I am destined to be. Most don't find themselves until it is no longer expected from them. I am afraid to wait too long.
Stressed and getting depressed Fingers cold, I'm a graduating senior... Thats quite old! I can't with my face, I just may be losing this race.
If you see someone depressed Don't ask them why they're stressed It does no help most of the time.
I've planned my whole life. I'm always looking ahead. I've forgotten the present. I have to stop And look around me look behind me slow down breathe study
My heart is breaking, my faith is shaking, too much is what all of this stress is taking. Can't calm down, can't look around, on the outside I smile. On the inside I frown... So tired of life,
It's 12:07 AM and I wanted to make a blog to rant but I'm too scared of someone stumbling upon it and reading about my life because I'm scared of what my peers will think and how tainted my reputation
You can make believe it happened Or pretend that you’re not frightened You can wish, hope, and contemplate
Sometimes I am overwhelmed with emotion The sheer force gives me pounding headaches And aches caused by a pain that isn’t physical Brings the start of tears to my eyes I just want to be happy
I’m defensive,
Hello. How are you? That's nice. Me? How am I? Oh. Oh no. You don't want that answer. Why? You sure you wanna know? Remember, you did this to yourself.
i am tired i have been working all week to ensure that i will have good grades by the end of this semester.
Here's another shitty poem, about wanting to be a bird, about wanting to be free and the longing to relieve of all the fucking stress that we all have to deal with.  I want to fly the fuck away,
Tick tock the clock strikes the air The time drags on and chimes again I tremble from the stress and my brain begins to ache This time there is no going back no time to escape
Red center inside
STRESSED. Senior year. The year we have all been waiting for. The year we were all eager to start.
I try and I try, 
The school bell rings, I'm late for class at this rate, I'll never pass. College essays, school ones too, every day, a new one's due. What will I do? I do not know. A real good college, I must go.
Write they tell us, Show us who you are. Give us your soul in a story they say I’ll grade it and judge all your scars.   Thousands of students with their
I've worked my whole life just to prove my worth. I've pushed myself, skipped parties to study. Now is the moment of truth. The moment where the next four years of my life will be spent.
Senior Year, Oh how I cheer!
What do you want from me? Am I not good enough? Am I a dissapointment? A mess that needs to be cleaned up?
My dearest teacher, your class is so boring Even my foot is now snoring Obviously you dont how to have fun Sitting in our desk all day, come on we're still young When im in your class im always tired
Man school's a drag Let's all go take nap, Pick up those pencils and pens It's time to go learn in my class. Teachers expect to much of us kids We just want to hangout and shoot the shit,
This is too much work. My mind is overloaded. The stress makes me cry.
Yeah, I appreciate what you do. Thank you for spending a little extra time looking over my essay with me after school. I know its a long ride home for you and I know you don't get paid for the overtime.
That rush you dread as life crashes towards you, Barreling through with unspoken emotions. Guilt, remorse, and weariness threads a shadow, A fifty-foot tower right over you.  
this is game seven we are tied, but not for long champs will show no fear  
Yellow over Green What auras you bring, The gentle breeze creates a soulful melody As Maraca leaves shuffle to their fertile dance The harmonious birds take center stage
There's so much stress The last forty days of school With all of the reports and papers Books and projects Filling out papers Application after application All asking the same questions
Fading into the background Washed out by greatest Suddenly hearing no sounds No cheers as I approach that line I made it right! I finished Where is my accolade? My recognition!
~i waited patiently… as if my turn was next i was just as naive as you thinking that you were the best you watched him cheat but you forgot about the rest forgave him time after time
Slam what you will, Slam what you may, but you must always seize the day.
Too many decisions. What decisions are going to make my life right? Thats all i am thinking about on this sleepless night. Sometimes i want to give up. Why cant life be simple? This stress makes me tremble.
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