Tidal Wave

That rush you dread as life crashes towards you,

Barreling through with unspoken emotions.

Guilt, remorse, and weariness threads a shadow,

A fifty-foot tower right over you.


You hear the pounding, the dreadful slams.

Over, and over, and over again.

Hoping it will stop as time flashes by,

But realizing that it never ends.


You see a whirlpool forming deep within the darkest corner.

You’re swimming and swimming, losing your breath.

Trying to leave behind the thrashing tunnel of confusion,

Hoping that clarity will settle in.

But the dark water blocks your view,

Forcing you to the barren ground below.

Desperation screams out to the world above,

But no one is there to hear you.


You begin to taste the murky salt water flood throughout your soul.

The end dictates your every thought and your mind becomes so dull.

You recognize a beat too late that you must drown your fears.


Pounding, pounding, pounding is the only thing you hear.


. . . . .



Though after a distressed beat,

You break through the cool barrier and smell the joy of life.

The safe sun shines down,

Radiating light to those all around.

A scent of relief finally washes over,

Encouraging a grateful smile within a scowl.


As you absorb the calmness,

Hear the silence,

See the light,

Taste the freedom,

And smell the purity,

Peace finally reigns.

You take a deep, long breath,

Realizing that you have just overcome your first tidal wave.


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