Sun, 03/17/2024 - 12:12 -- Andreee


I’m trapped

I’m caged 

I’m in a daze


All these days go by slowly

I feel so lowly 

I’m waitin’ for that release

I think I’m the least

Of humankind(I’m not alone)


The days go slowly now

But the years fly by 

They fly right by me


I see myself get older

I see myself get more insecure

Everytime I see something wrong

Gotta hide it (Gotta hide it)


I’m trapped

I’m caged 

I’m in a daze


My friends say I’m depressed

My family says I’m stressed

So be my guest

Tell me why I’m distressed


My life is a trance

Stuck in an infinite dance


I wanna go to france

To see the lights


I wanna go to greece

To cease the repeat


 My life is spinning in a whirl

A twirl 

A Pirouette


I’m trapped

I’m caged 

I’m in a daze


I’m trapped in my life

I must adapt to a new life

I feel wrapped in plastic (hiding my madness)

Yes I’ve snapped, do you see it? (No)



Well I’ve gone mad you see

Oh but you can’t see

I’m wrapped in plastic 

Do you see it? (No)

Do you understand? (No)


I’m trapped

I’m caged 

I’m in a daze


I put on a mask

You gotta ask

I can’t promise I’ll be honest

I lack trust (What happened?)


I was touched 

I was seen

I wished to be unseen

I was gaslit


But that was long ago

I have surpassed it

Yet I was slashed with distrust

In all people


I’m trapped

I’m caged 

I’m in a daze 



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