Tick Tock Tick


Tick tock the clock strikes the air

The time drags on and chimes again

I tremble from the stress and my brain begins to ache

This time there is no going back no time to escape

Tick tock it beckons tauning from the wall again

The time draws near and here I fear the end will begin

Tick Tock it cries as my eyes weep tears of anguish and exhaustion

I stuff my bag of my hopes and dreams and scramble out the door

Tick Tock the time is now, I must concentrate on all that is here

My mind goes blank all my hard work dssipates, despair is all that remains

My thoughts mangled and my head hangs low as I try to remember all that has been lost

Tick Tock time is up, pencils down, dreams are lost and hope not found

Answers left blank and thoughts lead to nothingness

TICK TOCK time to wake up, no time to sleep

Test today dont want to be late




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