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There're days when the sun is upWhen the solar rays hit youYou feel been dropped from the topAnd you end up right on the screw.
Once upon a time, Darkness prevailed, Lonliness ensued me, Despair chased away hope.   Once upon a time, My heart was a "black hole," Questioning my existence, "How can I go on?"  
Please god make it stop; All the hurting, the lying, the running. Please god make it stop; All the misery, the pain, the crying. How many more days can I go on? Please god make it stop;
Do you want to know what it's like to be painless? Could you imagine a way to live shameless? I thought I knew a way, But all I'd done is invited a demon out to play.  
Pray for the impossible, Preach for those before Learn to find what’s possible And make a future to live for  
I prayed to Atë For life But she did not take that well Because there is no easy way for me to be punished for that She cannot give me life and my own downfall
The Purification Washing ones heart of their crimes Stripping the shame of ones soul Clearing the mind of it's evil thoughts Starting over in the hopes of becoming whole once more
for lives lost at the end of a gun and those wounded at the hands of a bullet   i pray for your peace but more importantly  i pray for your justice   
Oh how I’ve messed up The trouble I have caused The hurt I have caused
I wish you took his hand in yours and I hope you guide him to your shining light he is not saved and he needs to be because he is too important to lose
Everyday that I awake I thank the creator for the day then I brush my teeth with toothpaste and wash my face. As I pray for my sake Lord my soul is yours to keep, guide me through this day and keep me safe like a sheep
dear you, beautiful black woman you woke up to a nightmare, november ninth 
Not acquainted with these Nights.. Peculiar, yet neighbor to them, related to them... stop enabling him! Departure from the gates. dubbed the savior to him! Channeled through his precognition
At night the same nightmare plays over and over. I tell myself that women shouldn’t think, not even alone at night, but the nightmare still prevails. I am sweaty and panting. My legs are sprawled open.
When I was a little girl, I would pray. With my eyes wide open and my head tilted back in wonder, Struggling to soak up every ounce of happiness and sunshine I could
When I woke up this morning I asked myself "What is life about?" I found the answer in my room. ..the fan said "Be cool." The roof said "Aim high." The window said "See the world!"
Your will alone, and none of my own.Whether healing or loss, I look to the cross.All You have planned, I may not understand,But I still trust in You, for that's all I can do. Since You know it all, on my knees I will fall.Every night, every day, I
I remember the day When I had a lot to say Not yet knowing Jesus as the Way So my first thought wasn’t to pray   I didn’t know God was real And He could help me with the way I feel
I'm okay, When I refuse to look you in the eye. I'm okay, When I hide in the shadows. I'm okay, When I hide behind my fringe. I'm okay, When the world is ignoring me. I'm okay,
Tangled in words unspoken, Cut by dreams that are broken, With open eyes I stare in wonder  At this world so sundered. I'm afraid to speak, Terrified to dream, For my fragile heart is easy to shatter.
"Thought she was alone And still she prayed Her hurt reached further than her bones And still she stayed   Her mind can't handle control Instead she gave Through Him her love would reach a world 
My life is my canvas Everyday a new struggle Everyday a new scar  
With my words as my paint
The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become The crazy twirl that destincts Who she is   The girl I was years ago is gone
“You walk funny.” These words have plagued my school experience. No one knows the reason behind this walk, They don’t know that my muscles don’t work and I’m slower than the rest
All of our years we work and try to see, The girl or boy we are supposed to be. We go through school being judged and bullied, Just to turn around and judge and bully. We are called to act with love and kindness,
Scared in a world with a variety of people, the rejects, the nerds and quiet people . With the people who belong on stages and are natural leaders , those who belong at the steaple.
The rain pours down,
Here I sitand wonder why.Why am I here?Is it just to die?Or is there a reasonFor this crazy world?A reason to be hereto spin and to twirl?
Sometimes, enough is enough you tap out before the going actually gets tough nevertheless, no one else is in your position except you battling and fightng to get through
He is popping pills Trying to get rid of the pain But all people seem to realize Is that he's an idiot and completely insane   Harassed on a daily basis He can't seem to get off the crazy train
Seek out the meadows             Upon this day             Into the night             Come out upon my sight             As silent as a ghost            
I close my eyes
Hands clasps and eyes raised above,
Another one gone, but I don't pray for them, not for their broken bodies, or their short lived lives, I pray for the ones left over, those they left behind, broken in spirit, I pray for Brit,
Wake up, it’s a normal day. Go to work, the normal way. Down the street and into a building, up the elevator and down into a chair. Typing words and drinking coffee, I hear a man telling how he got mad at his kids the other day.
A woman of Black gold, gave birth to an olive child, Strong and mighty was she to stand by a father who stood to just pretend. Made sure her little peice of hope in this world was warm, fed, and fast asleep everynight
With grace and power she stands there Light soothing hands with a maternal touch Gentle eyes that cut through glass and fair hair that falls upon her shoulders Dependable, she is everyone's crutch   
Momma always used to say, “God laughs at the plans you make.” But that was just a chance I had to be willing to take.   Empathetic, kind-hearted, containing the true values of life
I once met love at the front door! And, when I glaced it's direction Love, beautifully, smiled back at me. That was love. My first sight! I became instantly drawn to love.
when the Sun is alive so am I the unimaginable dream is mine fog will remain in my path but fire in my eyes, boldly. there is a dawn that rises unshakeable and endless like the core of soul
Our air was broken again for the fifth summer in a row. The 100 degree heat didn't matter, though. It was his day: 4 years in the making. It was his time to call a new place home. 
For 18 years I've been lost about being lost and tossed around by meaninglessness Worried about pieces of paper in the future For the last 2 years, I've been eating the last doughnut And sneaking a glass of wine
As tears fall, we let our emotions hold is captive. This is massive! We must allow His spirit to become ACTIVE, in our lives. We are down and we wonder who will be there I'm here,
Why I write? I write because you told me to Because you encountered history and literature but never met a pen or page
  Why did you have to love me? I can promise you that it’s nothing against you. But, I turn away because I keep love close, maybe too close, and I think that I will only remember and love you.
Should I write you letters, or a post card maybe.. Do you even listen to me, or do you choose to make me wait? Dear God, are you listening? I can hear it's heartbeat, can you hear mine too?
My mother is special kind of woman She is no ordinary mother, for her ways Her ways are different, they are unique As she shows love in various ways
You don't need to pray to get what you need You don't need to pray to be happy We are all born with flaws So we hope there's a God Who can take them all off How can we stand ourselves
Laying in bed thoughts are running through my head. I remember you, I really do I just wish I had one last moment to speak to you. All the times we shared together those memories will stay in my hear forever.
As much as I sit and try to rebel against the religion I was brought up on I pray. I pray that one day my life will be what I hoped for it to be. I pray for happiness. I pray to see the world. I pray for hope.
Brown Jug
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When I read, their tearful words appear to echo in my mind. When I listen softly, Their desperation clings to my soul. When I ponder, Their fate may rest with my words.
Afraid it will come back Up like a shadow Up like his smoke Rolling in with the tide Even when I hide I'm afraid it will find me I'm afraid I'm still to week to fight Because I remember how
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