Black & White Composition

I remember the day

When I had a lot to say

Not yet knowing Jesus as the Way

So my first thought wasn’t to pray


I didn’t know God was real

And He could help me with the way I feel

How in an instant He can heal

Taking away pain I tried to conceal


I didn’t know about His Unconditional Love

Nor the Purpose of Heaven above

Or the Spirit coming upon Jesus like a dove

Or why He received such a great beating and shove.


That very day I didn’t know what to do

Seeing no one around I could turn to

But I needed someone to talk to

Then I realized I had you.


My pen and book of composition

Aligning my thoughts of uncertainty and confusion

Becoming my medicine for deep depression

Igniting in me a new passion


Writing became my everything

It was love from the beginning

Expressing myself through journaling

Became my silver lining


No longer feeling completely broke

Or in desperate need of a sexual poke

Rich in words by every pen stoke

Filled with laughter each time I wrote a joke


My First real poem got me into Community College

The scholarship unlocked the door to higher knowledge

First of my family to enjoy this right and privlege

Introducing me to What I’ve failed to acknowledge


That life is beyond how you feel

And there is a God who is real

He pursued me with zeal

All my sickness He can heal


Writing in my black and white composition

Gave me someone to confide in

When I THOUGHT no one cared to listen

And felt lonely and forgotten


God was there and He heard

Blessing me before I ever prayed a word

Giving me sight when my vision was blurred

Corrected me when acting absurd


God told about a relationship that wasn’t religion

Encouraging me to not keep my words hidden

For  what was in my black and white compostion

Because others would be glad to listen


I remember the day

When I had a lot to say

Since writing introduce me to Jesus as the Way

Now my first thought is to write what I pray.

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Bryanne Johnson

Thank you

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