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You will know I love you when my eyes can’t stand to glance away from your face   You will know I love you when I laugh even at the smallest quip to cross your lips  
I used to be frantic for love Grasping for connections like trying to catch a greased pig An ironic analogy all things considered   I always felt like my time was running out
Sometimes you just need to stand in the rain, Let the moon beams shine on your skin like starlight Feel the water drip down the brim of your nose onto your lips Breathe in the night air and petrichor
Scarlet flames of fire dance across my fingers. The light cannot harm me,  for I am its master.   Fire bends to my will,  and dies at my command. The dark can't consume me,
Blazing, the brazen orb frenzied with greatFlashing, its flame in crackling blasts of heat.Fusion follows fission in frantic gait.Bloated gluttony or the bawdy teetIt slavishly seeks to gulp, whorish trait! Yet Helios possesses grave powers.Explos
Say "No." Say "You won't." say "You are nothing." Say "It's impossible." Say all these things. Say these words! Say them! They are but fuel for my fire! I say "yes."
I've born many a days Not ever sure that another would come And yet another one arrives Because it is not up to me to decide It's a gift that I cannot deny And the day that is last Is much too far off
A mountain compared to the girl Towering so far above her  She swears the moon dips right below it   Hammer in one hand, chisel in the other She moves forward on the whispers 
Pass that class Apply for college Gain more weight Still get acne Question yourself Question your morals Have regrets Forgive yourself Improve yourself Love yourself
To my ambition, To my dreams.   At first, you popped into my mind Like a grape from a vine, Whilst I watched Youtube videos of
I shattered silently, And nobody noticed. Not that I want anyone to notice, So why am I writing it out? Perhaps it is to escape, And have the pieces elsewhere. Perhapse it is so I can see each piece,
Fire burning Through my veins, Hold on, get a grip... Grab the reins. Pull back... Ignore the attack. Breathe-- inhale...exhale Ignore the air, I know it's stale.
They say it isn't hard to get well. That it gets better with time. It isn't that simple. They say it is a matter of will, A matter of desire, But it's not true.  
Haikus Inside, there is war. The heart and mind, They quarrel. Like kindred beings.   Fell between the cracks. Shortcomings, All too common.
  Make me busy. Engorge the lazy, shiftless minutes of my waking hours with thoughtless labor. Make me work, make me eat, make me work again, until the sun goes down.
Hope keeps us strong Hope keeps us going Hope will get me through it Hope will save me Hope will let me rest in peace Hope will let me survive Hope is all I need
I have my belongings, my family and friends, and all the simple things that help to meet ends, but to rely on another heart is emotional suicide.    In a world where living
Whips. They’re flames of hatred about his body; cutting deep into the flesh and making him bleed.  
What is greatness?Is it love?
How may I destroy you all? That your image be cast away They commentate my rise and remember your fall Celebrate my life and scorn your dying day All of the former,make way for the latter
What we are
I find myself insecure when I look at myself without any editing. I'll feel as if I am discrediting... ..as I compare myself to other girls, I believe that I am not beautiful to the whole-wide world.
Hurdle down from the highest bluff my child. One day you loomed forth from the obscure. Venture into dirt and sand blank the division who coward. Do not dare to bawl out to the floor.
My life has been scarred from birth to now But when I ask myself to move on how It's the willpower that I have to strive for success That willingness to be the very best My competitiveness has always been apparent
Sunset settles on the east As the sky darkens Stars twinkle While tine slows downs Owls awaken Yet, birds fly south Heart beats And I stay still waiting waiting waiting
When the clouds roll in, thats when the fun begins Drops of silver falling from the sky, sit on the porch and watch the storm roll by Think of life and all its trials, think of hate and all my rivals
My mind is a mess I tell myself To take action    I know what I want I see it right there But I need to do something   I want to lock Myself in a white room
If we would take time to comphrend the master plan of the man above. In the days of Noah put mankind survival in the beak of a dove. But then we ask, what is love? Or what it has to do with us.
Green shirt, greener eyes He walks in the room and it's no surprise  The life of the party That smile? It could save me   A voice that could drown out all the rest
Have Faith Open your arms wide and smile Perfection is part of refraction Even when you fail, you wont EVER fall!
The ever lasting candle is what the lord provide me , except i am the light not the wax.
  Unknown Sorts             Become my torch             Beauty in light             Guide me through this twilight             Stronger than others
The ability to change the world is greater than I can imagine What would I change is a great question Would it be to creat world peace, or take away crime? Or would it be more complex, like slowing down time?
Once you fought the life you had And your soul burned bright  Then you fought against those who pushed you
I see my hatred written on my arms I grab my razor and think do I really wish to cause more pain I'm miserable already why make it worse and then I let it go And I let love in I become happier Joyful
  Few of us never have a Moment of weakness, Of giving up Nearly all need help to Find the strength to go on
Sun will shineRain will pourThis world is mineand I want some more.People talk and say silly thingsbut in order to fly you have to grow some wings.They say you, they say meTo unlock the prize you hold the key.Flags will flyPeople will tryTo discov
Little girl in the photo where will you go? will you sweep it beneath? will you go with the flow? will you camofauge in with the rest? will you set yourself apart and do what is best?
Damsel. Unbelievable beauty. Tantalizing, fascinating, liberating. Ima make her love me, Forever. (Written in Cinquain Pattern 2)
I will follow you. Even when the grass Turns to sand, Even if the sand Lasts for days, I will turn my head From the wind And against the grains I will follow you.
  After all these years, my feelings for you have only increased. All the many tears and emotions that never ceased.   You were my first. Yes, I know
Modest  thoughts of the earth, Lies from man, Tainted birth, Headstrong lion, Swayless will, Powerful creature, Powerful teacher, Find will, Find Love, Nest High,
Passion and prowess flare, Yet they are mistaken as the fire that sustains. One cannot hope to thrive on continually striking sparks, One might soon split finger to stone and give up on light all together.
(poems go here) Crouched alone in a corner of her room, Two great white eyes strained to see in the dark. But in a cloud of greyness, what could ever bloom? Still she sat, for her will would not start.
Dear God, Somethings I just don’t understand; like things must be extremely complex or my mind too inferior to comprehend, the things that plague the human mind, body, and soul.
I'm standing but I can't feel my legs. I'm screaming but my words aren't heard. I'm trying to break through but I've lost my strength. What has my world come to. I smile when I really mean to cry
He looked at Me today.. He didn't speak but He peeped at Me today.. I caught that little smirk, I still consider him a jerk for the way he portrays himself around school, but its all cool.
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