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Blazing, the brazen orb frenzied with greatFlashing, its flame in crackling blasts of heat.Fusion follows fission in frantic gait.Bloated gluttony or the bawdy teetIt slavishly seeks to gulp, whorish trait! Yet Helios possesses grave powers.Explosive might combusts sending forth rays,Its blistr'ng warmth on beasts alone showerDriving by love sensitive things to rave.Sun chariot, hot motions like desires Yet Apollo exists not in solitude,Goddess Artemis, gleaming most gravelyBeauteous queen of absolute pulchritudeArises with perfect sobrietyPatron of Cato with stoic brood. Astral light issues forth distinct and clearCelestial circuit reflects and beholdsThe cosmos, knowing things both far and near.Her cold light parses secrets and enfoldsAll things within, purely, without veneer. Royal ruler, though kept separatedLike king Turnus slave in lordly hallBarren sterility pervades holy bedLunar body thus glides, fervorless dollInto corpse like wasteland now has faded. Fiery desire, astral abstractionTwo heavenly bodies twirling madlyDiscordant gods yearning for elation.Oh that their dissonance resolves gladly!Finally achieving satisfaction Yet seldomly arises, wondrously,Unification of their glorious sphereBy ardor driving orbits tirelesslyAlong nature's determined path so clearEclipse, manifested gloriously Unfeeling light imbued by volitionFrantic flares tamed by reason's reignsRosy hues radiate in elisionBy this rare road disharmony thus wanesBeauty sweetly sings by integration Man, may you heed celestial words most wiseThat free and mobile union sin deprives.

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