Vera's Fair

(poems go here) Crouched alone in a corner of her room,
Two great white eyes strained to see in the dark.
But in a cloud of greyness, what could ever bloom?
Still she sat, for her will would not start.

Immersed in lifeless self imposed isolation,
Vera missed the grand spectacle outside her window.
Daily dullness met no mitigation,
Was it so hard to simply smile and say hello?

The colorful world outside did not yield to her grey,
Onwards the parade boomed, clamored and cheered.
Flowers flew in the air, People hollered hooray.
They had their own luxurious lives to revere.

Upon the dawn of one spectacularly festive morning,
Vera stood before her window and looked through.
It became too loud to ignore, the crowd was roaring.
A breakthrough erupted within: she understood what to do.

A wise wizard once said,
“The world is not in your books and maps, it’s out there!”
One daring glance at the splendid spectacle ahead,
And Vera climbed out of the window to join the fair.

An infectious energy set her soul ablaze
Ten thousand smiling faces and the flames of celebration.
She lost sight of what she thought she craved,
For enthralled she was with this new world and exaltation.

An opened window resurrected her will.
Vera took no notice of the walls collapsing behind,
For onwards she went and over many a green hill,
Eyes wide open and spirit revived.


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