Destroying to Build

How may I destroy you all?
That your image be cast away
They commentate my rise and remember your fall
Celebrate my life and scorn your dying day
All of the former,make way for the latter
I move them as the earth moved by quakes 
I devour them all,their plates,and their platters 
I speak and they gather,I speak and they scatter
Former artists and current poets pale in comparison 
But why compare myself to them,are we not troops in the same garrison?
Are we not models of the same paradigm?
Do we not construct absurdities perceived as masterpiece by a pair of whims ?
A pair of whims combined to form lines that intertwine to stanzas
Tactful renditions of spoken gold
building Solomon's temple and bonanzas
Marked by paradox sometimes they can't see where we come
A calm extravaganza,
That was given life by the gun
Taking life by water,killing them with flows
As I mature with my structure,I'm killing them with growth
But who am I killing and why?
Fans,competition, maybe curiosity shall they all die due my viscosity?
Content thick with atrocity
Am I getting to the goal slowly
Or going nowhere with velocity?
I happen to destroy for sport but In contrast I build for the cause 
I always seek your core to exhort 
 But let us destroy each other so that the audience may applaud
Artists new and old right here and abroad
Let your power be known and know it is a gift from God
I destroy you all with gifts from above 
But I build you all because I was given love
Every time an artist is hurt he's likely to win again
Now die...but live again 
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