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Falling Without Sight  Fly Back Into Your Routine Still Nothing Is Seen
Dear Father   I don’t call you “Dad”   Because I don’t feel you know me   The thought of opening up to you makes me want to flea  
I should get an Olympic gold medal, since Every day I hear that we’re all so smart. Experts at graphs and charts, Eyes so small,
Dear Mr. Willis, Last year I found you Dead on your doorstep with your hand  Just out of reach Of yesterday's newspaper. Your neighbors say they didn't notice. How can you not notice
I wake. I cry. 4 A's, but a blemish. The single smudge on my reigning crown. The shade on my everbright domain. The hungry caterpillar to my blooming garden.  The ominous C. 
When I left home A short five months ago I had my priorities set And was not prepared to roam   College was what I had prepared for Before I knew the alphabet could rule my life
With no change, comes no growth; As the pendulum swings,  we watch as time goes by, faster than the blink of an eye; Mid semester, junior year, work starts to pile up, work not handed in, 
I've gotten one semester through The months left for summer are few In the second semester I vowed to do my best I got a hundred on my first test My grades are all excellent, phew!
Grades have forever defined me. They no doubt made an effort to confine me.  But this year was the year they designed me.   A 30 on my ACT FINALLY free college for me! A chance for me to get to be
These classes are higher than stormy waves, And are taught at such a hasty pace! I know, the teacher never promised me all A’s, But will they offer very little grace!
Why did you do this to me? Why did you crush all my hopes? You took all my hard work And threw it to the ground Like it meant nothing. Do you hate me or something? Why do you hate me?
5 A.M.                  The alarm clock goes off like a fire alarm waking me from my dream state.                 I stumble through the labyrinth                 gathering my stuff and getting dressed. 
Always trying hard. Abusive devil drinks near. A senior I'll be .
Education, noun. The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction Usually in a school or university, according to the oxford dictionary. So why has it turned us to mindless obstruction
I can't remember the last time I told myself who I am Everyone always says, You're so perfect in every way.  Good grades, Good body, Good personality You're just so good.
Grades are the only way to reach the top. I sweat and work until I hear my pencil drop.   College is a necessity, it's what I need.
I’ve always enjoyed reading, writing, learning But I’ve never enjoyed having to attend school Ever since childhood, school has made me feel…
I just need an A. Shakespeare, I love you, but soft -- What are you saying    
We often forget the purposeof red brick buildingsin the nine hour hurry upand wait   We often forget the purposeof pen and paperin the technicolor dream ofgoogle docs  
You say we are selfish That we are spoiled and it's eating youth. You say that it's hard, that we should just learn the truth. When you were in our positions, what's it feel like to cough 24/7?
After kindergarten You had gradually discovered  The code of the alphabet
Not getting straight A’s,
I am a liar and I lie to myself everyday Wake up every morning, telling myself that it’s just another day But I already know what kind of day it is I’ll be just like every yesterday that I hated
I want to learn, i want to grow, but need your help in doing so. My goal is true, my grades are high,  with just a little help, i can aim for the sky!  
When I lose I stumble on. When I win I grin ear to ear. Pride never falters, it flows with finess. It courses through your veins, strengthening you. It challenges you to do your best.
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. —Albert Einstein
The world today is abandoning values We are all simply numbers An amount, a score, a grade What categories do we fall under?   4.0? You're a great person 3.0? You're like the rest
Fear and fear the grades are comingthe destiny awaits and depends on it,your grades will decide if you are worth loving,Work hard and study so you can earn profit.
Here I sit, once again, pondering why Why did I take this class? Am I crazy? I tap and tutter, releasing a sigh. I don't understand; study more, lazy. Chemistry, O Chemistry, thou art death.
Fuck first semester And financial aid and scholarship applications and just money in general. And the 3.5 I needed if I wanted to come back. And my parents. And money And society for revolving around money
A is the motivation for you to Be better than what society has been Creating you as. The Demoralization of the young nation Fails to be seen when all the adults   See  
Why is it, That no matter how hard you try at it, It's only about the grades today?   No matter if you get it or not Or what knowledge you've got! It's only about the grades today.  
"It's good enough" "a C+ is passing"  The motivational speech my teachers gave me in high school I know I wasn't that bright, I was told many times I know my struggles with my academics, I see it in my records
Living in a world where it’s a crime to be sad If you aren’t starving or deprived… Maybe, I’m just a whole lot of mad When I can’t take a break from the things that craze me The things that break me
Everyday it goes like clockwork through school and back, just to do homework. And I sit in your class with each passing minute, Dreading each lecture where I must silently sit.
That white sheet of paper gets handed back. The test D+ I went to school... for THIS? I love it
I want an A in this class (before registeration) Im going to earn an A (first day of the semester) Im going to get an A (during midterms) I deserve an A (check grades after finals B)
i am not a single letter. i am not a number. so why do you assign me these things that constitue my "success"? i am more than one letter in a report card. i am more than a number in the class rank.
Everyone is a number. You are given a grade, a percent, and a level. Who you are does not matter because in the classroom, a number is all that defines you Are you 100? Or are you 50?
I care not for how smart you say I am,Nor for a grades on my report card.Why waste time doing what I know I can?Schooling should never be thought of as hard... Our grades should not be what sets the bars.A's should not mean just memorization,B'a s
  I have a dream, Similar to Martin Luther King, I want us all to succeed. The words, "We have finally made it" to be uttered through our hearts, Shared by Our differences,
  I love my school, I love my class But you my teacher can kiss my ass Like when you think that it’s OK To teach me nothing for the day   And give me homework every night
just go retire. get fired. now. please.oh wait. we can’t get rid of you?then you might as well listento what all you trashy teachersalways have to say
the grades and the curriculum try to define you build you up and break you down Or at least they try to the greater the number, the larger the crown but numbers are miniscule, how can they hold so much power?
Eighty-five, eighty five every time.   Eighty minutes, eight hundred minutes; every time.
I would sigh and I would cry Why can't you, go suffer too? You know what, EFF you I don’t care about your glares Piss in your pants and lie in despair You little ant You know you can’t
Hey! My grade isn't my life! Seeing this letter on a sheet of paper, it's not going to change anything. Except, maybe this "F" in red ink, will make me hate you a little more.
All of my life, I've been subject to Tests full of bubbles, Tests that determine Where lie my troubles.   My ears can take no more of this talk. I am more than a statistic.
One, two, three, four Red, yellow, blue, and more Five, six, seven, eight Raise your hand and sit up straight These things we learn in elementary They stay with us more than a century  
See when I was younger my momma said when you turn 18, You either go to college or get a job or you won't be staying, In my house. So every since the 9th grade I've been grinding,
Leaving this place Still not knowing the value of X An unspoken race Formed by society No piety Creativity
All the excitement killed when you walk through the door It was built to be such a great time in my life Eating lunch wherever Feels like your whole time in high school was supposed to be spent in the halls
A poem is A poet's ways Of portraying life Precisely as it is With a twist, Betwixt a reality And no sense of rationality (Rationally-speaking, of course). A poem can
You struggle, and study and sweat. But the score isn’t there. You feel like you just keep trying, and torturing yourself to be better. And it’s never enough. Never enough. Never ever enough.
Im not up to your standards so tell me how to be more black My looks are substandard so show me how be more beautiful I didnt get a perfect score on ACT like my best friend so tell me again how I'm stupid I am
What is this force that wraps us in warm embrace? Steel wrought chains wrapped around us, within the darkness.
I hear glass bottles breaking Babies crying Tear drops dripping (CLUNK) Cars beeping their horns. Teacher's yelling like no tomorrow. Chairs banging against the table (BANG).
Pressure, pressure, the need to be the best Is sucking me, pulling me, and making me a mess Every paper, every grade, every solemn word I speak Has been thought up, reviewed, and perfected till made bleak
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