Hindsight is 20/20


Living in a world where it’s a crime to be sad

If you aren’t starving or deprived…

Maybe, I’m just a whole lot of mad

When I can’t take a break from the things that craze me

The things that break me

The things that make me want to die.


It is in this cruel world where I can be failed for wanting to kill myself

Where I won’t succeed if I can’t take a joke.

Why is it okay for a person with a cough to see a doctor,

But when I complain that my heart hurts, that my mind is playing tricks on me

That it turns into a problem?

I need your help, not your grade book.


I broke under my skin to try and show you how much I need you…

How much I need anyone.

I need to know that I am not alone and that I will not be punished for the pain inside me.

I was failed, both on paper and in life.

You did not stand by me.

You did not care.


If I pull out my heart will you see me?

Will you notice my pain if I serve it to you on a silver plate?

How far must I go for you, for anyone, to see this?

Will you understand me when I’m hanging in the doorway?

Will you try to help me when I’m bled out in the bathroom?

Or will you do your best while I’m still standing in front of you begging…


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