maya angelou

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It was meant to be my tombstone It became my stepping stone It was meant to be a mountain Like a volcano, that's my eruption
Thank the lord for Maya Angelou When the world went fast, she took things slow Her hopes held high when her head hung low She spoke her truth so we all could know The good lord gave us Maya Angelou  
First of all you dont even know me. I live so many different lives That you can’t see inside Of me anymore. I am not a girl, I am a woman,
In times of uncertainty, the world becomes my stage; Unexplainable moments fueled by involuntary rage; Striding through life, mind toward the sky; Ambitions, dreams, and hopes placed high;
When I've got a whirlpool in my mind And it's spilling out of my eyes On to creamy paper that tries To soften the splatters of a Melancholy mind   When the Sky,  Weeps its own tears
You’ve seen girls in magazines, And they don’t look like me. A descendant from the blood of royalty, And I can’t be your beauty queen?   So what of Martin’s dream, Today, is reality?
Let The Caged Bird Free Assata Toney   As the free birds fly by The caged bird watches with envy She opens her wings
Sing (On Maya Angelou) I am no caged bird, but I sing. I sing of a better place, One where I can be heard.   I am in a figurative prison, But I will be free.
When I look in the mirror, who do I see? A beautiful black girl with, A smooth queenly head, dark and lovely, held high, glimmering with Fierceness, Pride, and Innate awesomeness.
Different people wonder where I come from. I don’t look different or nor do I try But when I walk, They see a confident-stride. I say, It’s in my happiness The acceptance of people,
The gift of God is still thereAlthough you're gone we still careYour freedom of speech was so strongI can still hear your voice eventhough you're gone
Your life, your work, transmitted love and pain Print of your pen filled with passion and autumn colors you called for the Holy Ghost and African ancestors with your words' uplifting spirituality
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,Too I know why
  If one walks with me through a garden of prose Lonely am I still, If my heart is gone than my words are vacant, And my lines are cold and frail. Not drink nor drug nor pain can drown
A love for you is beyond compare Those words I wished to share Moments are memories That keep a heart beating Take a deep breath I keep bleeding love Love for miss Marie
You may forget you loved me With your polluted, simple mind You may walk past like you don't know me
What your problem ? Whats the reason you dislike me ? Oh, I get it , you wanna be just like me. Is it my style, my clothes , the way that i dress? The pizazz , the Swag , the way i look to fresh? No ?
"I've learned that people will forget what you've said, people will forget what you've did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Wise words from a wiser woman, the activist in her inspired a poet.
You spoke ofcaged birds andrising dust andthe incredible powerof a woman.You gave voiceto those whocould not yet speakwhat they thoughtfor fear of
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