I Will Rise

It was meant to be my tombstone
It became my stepping stone
It was meant to be a mountain
Like a volcano, that's my eruption

They called it a cross
That's my elevation
The mobs meant mockery
But gathered for my coronation.

I turned the prison to a palace
My crown is no piece of fashion
Placed in the den
I made the lion my friend

My boat was taken
I walked on the sea and made men afraid

I believe against unbelief
I hope without signs of hope
I held on without what to hold
I have even when I don't have

I'm flint
I don't disintegrate, I sparkle
I looked the sun in the eye, he smiled.

Deny me, I won't deny myself
Reject me, I won't reject myself
Hate me, I'll always love myself
Bury me, like the sun I'll rise.

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Great piece!!!


duude this is awesome


Thanks fam

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