One of a Kind


What your problem ? Whats the reason you dislike me ?

Oh, I get it , you wanna be just like me.

Is it my style, my clothes , the way that i dress?

The pizazz , the Swag , the way i look to fresh?

No ?

Well is it the smile that i carry. The personality I have .

Is it the way I hold my head high ? Is that what makes you mad.

WAIT. I GOT IT , Say no more . Say no more 

Its the cockiness i have ?  That  Black beautiful Pride?

Is it the way that i make others feel good when they feelin down inside?

My ability to show the world My Creative writing skills

My mind blowing Body that gives you the chills.

HAHAHA Girl i get it ?

You wanna be just like me

Well i my dear am one of a kind

There is none other like me . 




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