Ma Angel


Your life, your work, transmitted love and pain

Print of your pen filled with passion and autumn colors

you called for the Holy Ghost and African ancestors

with your words' uplifting spirituality

as the feminism and woman's self-esteem that you advocated


As the voice of tolerance and democracy 

of empathy towards women and the blacks

you promoted black culture

with the blessing of God and luck

though you were almost silenced by censorship


You were a woman of many voices

of many gifts and career choices

you were a charismatic speaker of wisdom

until you sold out the tickets of audience of heaven


You are both modern and a classic

a fabulous bird set free from a cage, no longer a chick

in the past you used to fly with broken wings

but getting stronger you became a mother and a sister

to different girls and women, teaching us many things


Your words were socially conscious song

full of blood, sweat, tears and laughter

rich experience of life

being a daughter, mother and wife

I could hear the black gospel on your pages

with the vitality of womanhood and beauty of nature


You got everything that I want

living through the beauty of West Africa

publishing various books

teaching the secrets of Theology

and practising the job of a journalist


You're MA ANGEL in heaven

your spirit being the muse and the mentor guiding me


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