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i wake up and eat ice cream suddenly i rise with scream there was a nasty booger inside then i went out in the yard to try some sun tart there was a sharp thing that meet with my feet
Skiing down the steep slopes twisting and turning then skidding to a stop sending up an arc of frosty flakes Beginners follow like ducklings Pizza slices ridging up the snow
I have ripped the dress that was once in your closet and which you were going to wear to the party. Forgive me I had to rip the dress so you wouldn't outshine me.  
Yippie ki yay ki yo, Singin along my bro. Yippie ki yay ki ya, Playin in the playa. Yippie ki yay yahe, Down the slope on ski. Yippie ki yay Yamee, Dancin with a shimmy.
Silver silver, blue and bubble, come with thee. come with thee For I am you, and you are me. Guide me, guide thee, follow through as I'll follow you.  
If you were a whopping fifteen feet tall, you have to be used to watching everyone observe you,  a whopping giant standing above them all.  Watching all the tiny people around you screaming calmly,
What light lives inside you? A message, like a neck I might graze, Harder than cider to the tip of my tongue, Skin terracotta, and glance just as glazed,
Maybe I love her more. Then again maybe she loves me more. To her love is a test. I know I've missed my share of answers. I looked at the clock. Knowing I need to take my time but can't slow down.
A/N: I found this in an old journal from when I was a Freshman. Woke Freshman amirite    Knowing is only half the battle Finding out makes you the best Fighting back is not the rest
A dog without a feather, A car without a sail,  My life without you pointless  As a frog without a tail.    As warts are for a princess, Your love is for my life. I need you like a daisy 
Hop across the pads of lily To where the grass is blue and silly Swing among the baobab trees And float like a leaf upon the breeze. Then head over yonder, You'll find me there, Where the earth is rich
Muggy water, gooey mud Lily pads with bright pink buds A fish, a fly, a heron Swarming swirling swamp, a heaven. Rain! A great grey day.
We Got locked that dayIn top floor of our coachingDispersed late after 8On that busy Thursday evening
Beauty and the Beast may be A tale as old as time, But when adding in apps like Tinder, we see How it fits the modern dating paradigm.   The prince spent his night Mindlessly swiping right
There once was a man with a bug. It lived in his big old red rug. Slept during the day, Never got away, But then was eaten by a pug.
Chilled pulp dribbles down my chin And my hands stick together like an Ankle length dress to my sweat drenched thighs in high humidity, However, the miniscule struggles only increase the ecstasy in each nibble.
I have this feeling deep inside, not quite like or appreciate. I open my mouth to call it love, but then I pause, I hesitate.   I test the words: "I love you!" They echo, cold, empty.
I'm not sure how it happened,Not for sure at all.I just know we got here,Still standing through it all. He believes in me,No matter what goes on.His smile is all I need;It keeps me standing strong.
Together we stand  with the shore at my feet I hold you so close that we are complete The sun shines overhead the waves dance and crash around They sing and they chant so that we almost drowned
Oh sandwich of ham how great you are.Your taste and tang must be from a far.Delectable are your properties,Your bread, ham, lettuce, mayo, and cheese.
Oh! Fork, you are so silver and strong. You help me eat my salad. This is why I write a ballad.   Oh! Fork with no distinct handle. Picked up ham, cucumber and leaf Cheese and Onion and beef  
The most terrible thing has occurred! And there was something that I had slurred,
Mary had a rack of lambBasting oh so slowAnd everywhere that Mary wentThe rotisserie would goFlocks began to wane and thinThis Mary was a gluttonAnd everywhere that Mary went
Are you okay?
Here’s a silly poem I came up with. Disclaimer: It is NOT to be taken seriously. I was inspired by a Limerick poem which is meant to be silly and weird. Often times they make little to no sense at all.
You see that silly girl making faces? Her tongue out, and crooked smile? Yeah, that's me.   In all my glory, With hair that doesn't want to cooperate, And Acne that's hard to cover up.
Brisk dancer I move with such grace
T ree cut for I nsertion of nose or S  anitation of any or all Snot that is running out and U nderneath your nostrils that just needed to E xit your nasal cavity resulting in cleaner air filtration  
Lovers hold hands So instead let’s hold feet Hands can let go But feet chain us free We’ll walk about town on our Blistered black hands But we’ll never stray far; our ankles Made friends
  There was a young man from Nantucket Who, probing deeply, found a large nugget  Being pious to a fault He locked it in the vault 'Til Sunday, when he took it to Church in a bucket
I once knew a boy from Haiti, Whose limericks were never quite funny.
It is silly how we are easily angry yet slow to forgive. Yes indeed, it is silly.
When I first found out, There was a monster under my bed, There wasn't a doubt, I was scared half to death. I tried counting sheep, And counting to ten. I was still losing sleep,
There once was a womanizing lord Whose wife was terribly bored.    And said she one day,    As he started to stray,
Come, be still and lay in my arms;No one can resist my many charms.I'll keep you warm and you can rest your headYou'll never want to leave me, for I am your bed. 
Blow Pop Smack Blow Pop Smack Chew Chew Sigh Chew Chew Blow Pop Smack Sigh.
    Hopping hormones rage.   Don't be silly, wrap it up. But some do not care.     
Some things are said, Some just thought, Some are read, Some I have sought. Some things are brown, Some can be blue. But everything comes crashing down... And I still love you.
The Sky is blue,And full of poo,falling, spiralling, down,from white and brown-speckledcreatures They call seagulls. And the moral of this story is-Shit happens.
Feeling is so overrated. So I've decided not to do "that" anymore. "That" is like licking the pages of a cookbook, Stupid and silly.
Before nothing mattered.  But for many, their worlds have shattered. So different to this kind. Same age, different mind. No shows with real people and actors. Cartoons are the only thing I can factor. Maturity is such a silly thing. So what if pl
Brows, They live there with grace just over my eyes, below my forehead. And they seem to be laced much higher than  other features of my face. And I sometimes wonder
What’s a dream when it only lasts until you wake up? And there’s never a way of knowing if it will ever come true. If only we can choose when to experience déjà vu. Then I would choose to relive every moment with you.
The man proclaimed he was a genius: they scoffed and asked for proof. He looked them straight in both their eyes, said: "Sirs, the first from you."
There are all kinds of mustaches With different character and purpose. Some are grown as thin as eyelashes, Others look like little squirrel corpses. Whether they are long and feathered Or small and grotesque,
“Greetings friend,” said I. “Do you need help?” asked my friend. “Oh, no thank you,” was my reply, So my friend said, “this will only meet a bitter end.” “I’m here by no accident,” I explained.
“Greetings friend,” said I. “Do you need help?” asked my friend. “Oh, no thank you,” was my reply, So my friend said, “this will only meet a bitter end.” “I’m here by no accident,” I explained.
I drink from my cup. I lift it right up. I drink water, juice, and milk. They all go down smooth like silk. Oh, how I love my cup.
Silly girl You were once so Driven by your past Your daddy would get high And your mother would cry You wanted out of that life Then you forgot where you came from And partied like the ones before
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