A Canoodle Bumbershoot

Here’s a silly poem I came up with. Disclaimer: It is NOT to be taken seriously. I was inspired by a Limerick poem which is meant to be silly and weird. Often times they make little to no sense at all. My Limerick poem is actually quite long and do not follow the general rules.


There once were Tuesday and Wednesday who were twins

But one of the twins fell down exploding on her shin

And then expired into time.

So, Lisa Wednesday darling decided to go out for an adventure

She did not know that she will become paralyzed by a kayaking accident

Her days are now spend sorrowfully brooding

Until a witch from Wentworth came enrooting

Towards her front door of the little blue cottage

The witch gave Lisa Wednesday darling an arousing proposal

That the little boy simply couldn’t resist

But boy did he sure missed his sis

And thought about her on the daily commute

Into Winterbruge Street picking dried fruit

Brian Tuesday will sure be loved

A symbol of her life; a flying dove

But gladly he’s up with the angels above

Now, the demon name Charlie said Lisa Wednesday could not wait

That she must pack up her belongings and go down to Quake

Which was a small town in Baton Rouge?

All the way down the Ukulele River


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