The Ballad of Charles St. Peach

Fri, 12/12/2014 - 01:18 -- Persona

Written By: Epic_Poet_01 & Poetry_Luna



There once was an orange who believed he could fly,

When he tried he fell the blue sky,

and landed on a tree.


With a bruise on his head,

he’s lucky not to be dead,

what a sad day for Charles St. Peach the Orange.


When he was born,

his head was out of deform,

Maybe thats why Peach, had so many problems


With a dent in his head,

his knees felt like lead.

not to mention the black scars he promotes.


Years later, he went to war,

with birds and pineapples to settle a score.

Now he has more scares to bear.


In the midst of the war he was shot,

now he’s done with the battles he fought,

But a hole was left on his underside.


Poor unfortunate Charles St. Peach,

But now he has others to teach,

about unfair life of an orange.



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