Love Poems

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There was nothing mathematical about the way that I loved you There was nothing logical, or choreographed, or otherwise organized. My love for you is chaos Was chaos Chaos with a vengeance
Today the sky is really blueLike how I feelI really feel blueBecause I really miss youI really want to meet you nowBut I can notI really want to see you nowBut I can notOnly I can see your pictureI can only see your face in my mirrorI can only rem
  Flowers, chocolate,  Being held,  And cute little stuffed animals.  What a fairy tale lie.    The air isn’t filled with love.
You are where the sea and the sky meet-A line of the horizon that many have tried to reachBut so magnificent, so beautiful, so ever changing,that no one can help themselves There are stories you tell of merfolk and fae, that you know like they are
My mother was a queen. But my father treated her like a maid. His morals were sharp like the glass plates that shattered on the ground He was a patriarch. My mother was a homemaker,
the privilege of touchinganother person’s bodyconnecting skinto skin thisis the gift of aphroditesubtletya grace in touchingfingertip to palmhead to necklips to hand this poetry of silencebridge between solitudeand      something bettermingling of
Maybe we don't have to know; What's there to come in the future. And maybe ten years after everything We'll stumble upon each other again,  laughing about how we broke each other's heart.   Love,
November 24, 1999 was the dayThe message was not their way, The High School made the callChristine was caught in the menthanol and fires fall,
you said you will never leave my side you said you will never hurt you promised to wipe away my tears
August Forster written:8/19/16 What you don't know I look at you, but you don’t know that i prabably dont even know that i exist, but  
  My mother always said that you can judge someone’s life by looking at their hair If it’s sticky and untamed They’re dirty If it’s slicked neatly back
Love is Everything   Love is that one thing that gives you the feels   Love is that one thing that puts you head over heels   There is no other feeling that feels the same
she's pretty, i'll say -  the one who  holds your heart. ruby locks and porcelain skin; your bronze to her pallor holds a beauty even i admire.  a walking contrast down  the street - 
your words are so lovely that they make me yearn to write my own.   
and a love in  which i can love you,  is to always be deined -  for the dandelions  say i cannot wish for  it and the shooting stars  just pass me by.
Hey. Three letters of a word I cannot, say. Wish you could say them for the first time, today. With that smile in your eye. Hi.
I loved you I thought you loved me too You were here and  now your just not    You said we could be friends We both know it wont work You said we were cool The why am I so hurt?  
Part 1: The Beginning  I hate when the pen touches the page at first stroke Feeling like that first stroke of first time lovers Vulnerably awkward
I see you there,Shooting winks across the crowded roomWith your stammer,That pause,
I don't know where are you,
The important thing about Emmy was that her hair was made of dripping ink and smelled like hidden libraries.  Her daily sweaters displayed her mood as yarnish things tend to do. When I fell in love with her,
The walls of my retina are painted your image,  Colored magnificently by your beautiful face,  Your dimples, so simple yet eye captivating,  Oh, I wish to kiss those juicy lips till eternity. 
My life seems different. It seems unreal. Please wake me up I know it's a dream Reality is harsh  And ever so unkind Please don't let go 
I howl in my head before I sleep Howl so loud, afraid it will be heard Howling alone into the pillow Scratching imaginary door to be opened   I miss you like a dog
  I feel protective over him. The world is my darkness and he my sun With him he makes me feel like everything I can overcome Other than God I can’t think of anybody who I love more Yes I love him
I heard you got hit by a car;Before I could think about my revengeA tear slipped passed my lips,And I shut them.I heard that you broke both your legsAnd your arm,And that you got engaged.
Her smile is the beauty of nature at its best, when leaves are ripe and the trees are at rest. Grin perl white and shines with glee, like a deep night sky it's a must on what you see. Waves with ponder that's brown
I'm in Bergen County and who do I see?/It's a girl driving past in her Mazda 3/I stop and ask myself: "How can it be?"/"This girl went out of her way for me."/Liana, you know you're my number one/When I'm with you, I'm always having fun/I look an
Tick-tock, tick-tock Time is going slow. Tick-tock, tick-tock I wish time goes faster. It's only 1:30am Tick-tock, tick-tock.   Tick-tock, tick-tock
A tribute to those who have mastered writing the love poem, sans the cheesiness. (And a 'you go girl' to those, like myself, who are still working on it.)  
tall, strong, young black man sings songs to engulf her mind love shared, enternal
Feburary 27, 2012 a Facebook message notification It read "HBD". She didn't know who it was so she just replied with a thank you and went away. Little did she know that was her first encounter with her first love.
I don’t know much about youAll I know is that kindness radiates from your heartYour eyes hold secrets I want to unlockBlack eyes of a jaguarFull of ambition, benignYour lips speak tongues
I lye on my bed while thinking and dreaming
A love I once honed Is now a memory long forgotten; With how quick I lost it, Or even rid of it- Was it lust instead? Cradled in my plams Had been a lingering hope That the past would reverse
Everyday I see you and everyday you look at me Everyday we talk we argue and laugh together Everyday i bump you and everyday you bump me Yet it feels at though you have never seen me
I never thought that I could feel this way I never really searched for this feeling - None worthy to share it with anyway But I stumbled on it, now I’m tingling
They call it puppy love, A simple infatuation, That falling head over heels, And loss of concentration Like they never felt it before, Like they’ve never felt their hearts beating wild like a drum,
The first love poem Inscribed on a clay tablet By Sumerians Does not speak of Candy hearts or kisses or Perfumed nothings That make your heart beat and your Cheeks flush hotly red.
I like to partake in a small laugh at your name. Because ironically enough your name sound much like the what birds do. With wingspans they glide through the air  Weightless
you are just as frustrating as expired milk when you just brewed tea driving an hour in the wrong direction waiting six hours in the doctor's office
(poems go here) Laying on your chest, Playing in your hair. With you I am at my best. But I would never dare speak—I would never dare say, The three words that keep—Reoccurring in my head.
To see the one I love, happy, means the world to me Even if that means I've got to set him free I love him But he loves someone else
I don’t want to be too subtle, but the way you make me feel leaves me with no rebuttal
With you is where i desire to be, day-to-day for eternity Shielded in whole by your warm embrace, not anything, nor any person can take your place
This poem for you may seem somewhat cliché This poem may show I get carried away But I promise you now, my words are true This poem is one big “Tyler, I love you!”
When you turned your head, my heart tapped my head. It said. RUN. I don't know where this one is from. He's gonna render you dumb. Your lungs will become numb. Paralyzed in his eyes.
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