For My #1 Friend


I'm in Bergen County and who do I see?/It's a girl driving past in her Mazda 3/I stop and ask myself: "How can it be?"/"This girl went out of her way for me."/Liana, you know you're my number one/When I'm with you, I'm always having fun/I look and see the gleam in your eyes/You're not the kind I want with other guys/You're a great young lady - a really nice girl/You're my best friend in the entire world/Even when the storms of life brew and churn/You call me your best friend in return/You know that I'm truly a real man/I'm just trying to do the best I can/You're not just my best friend at Ramapo/You're the best friend a guy could ever know/We could both head out for half-price "apps"/But I'm not the kind of guy who settles for that/I know I'm busy and work really hard/But I'd take time to send you flowers and cards/Now don't worry, Liana/don't cry any tears/You're the best friend I've ever made in all these years/I know I'm a freshman, just like you/I see the magic in everything you do/Every little thing you do is magic/Every little thing just turns me on/Liana, being apart from you is tragic/Now I know my love for you goes on



 I wrote this poem on December 31, 2013.  It's about my friend Liana Seritciyan at Ramapo College in Mahwah, NJ.  Liana and I met that September after I hurt myself, which meant that she quickly warmed up to me after realizing that something was wrong.  We have remained close friends for almost a full year.



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