That girl

Tue, 05/07/2013 - 23:25 -- Andre_X


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I don’t want to be too subtle, but the way you make me feel leaves me with no rebuttal
You was better than all the others, how jealous I would be when your lips touched your man’s, girl it’s me you should be kissing, your legs sexy smooth like a gym stone, the way you walked is like a lioness in a hunt for her prey, you make words hard to say.
Our conversations carry on like a river, and empty into the ocean just to start over again here we go again you got me caught in the moment it’s like yo body was clay that was sculpted by a potter, your skin light as the sun grazes it. I just want to pleasure you make sweet love to you, I want to be your lover and protector, but you never give me a chance you made a brotha fall in love with one glance, still you never gave me a chance. I look you in your eyes as they glisten damn how yo eyes are beautiful like a sunset, I just wanted yo man to come up missin, so maybe you would listen to the things I was hinting. Now I got you where I want you, you’re finally in a position to be mine, so baby girl be mine damn girl you make a brotha want to shout like the black preacher on Sunday but I hope I’m not preaching to the choir I just want to give me you my love all you got to do is hit that accept button.



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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem describes deeply that you care about this particular person
make sure that she feels the same way-if she does, that's great-of not, move on and let go
keep writing and building your ideas
my suggestion is reconstruct this poem to a different format-looks like an essay

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