My Beauty Queen

The walls of my retina are painted your image, 
Colored magnificently by your beautiful face, 
Your dimples, so simple yet eye captivating, 
Oh, I wish to kiss those juicy lips till eternity. 
A beautiful African woman with the best looks, 
Who turns my dreams into reality, 
Your catchy body figure like its got hooks, 
I wish i could hold those onions hips even after life. 
The desire of my heart is to love this girl, 
To nurture her, adore her and treat her like a princes,
I call her sweetheart , honey, baby others call her Midiax, 
This beauty queen shall forever rock my world. 
In the woods of the most dangerous places, 
I walk with her assured of her personal security, 
We are forever together like shoes and laces, 
I wish I could kiss her whole body fraternity.
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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