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As I pulled onto the red dirt road, the barn was standing there,   where as a child, I ran about and had no other cares. No doors upon her weathered walls, no hay up in the loft,
I miss you. I miss you as much as i miss the first taste of summer wehn winter hits. Or as much as i miss the first frost at the peak of those dog days. Six years have gone by without you here.
My short, silky pigtails were brushing through the wind while you pushed me on the swings, since my little legs couldn’t swing myself.
Grandpa turned to me and said: Nooit Gedact, you never know what to expect I hold those words to my heart But his heart stopped And I didn't expect it   I may not know what to expect
Hi Gramps, It’s me again. I just wanted to tell you  That I love you. And That you’ve shown me
You wouldn’t think His eyes would shine so bright Beneath those clouds that fog his sight But they’ve been aglow since ‘25 You wouldn’t think he would be so kind
Such a little man But full of heart  You've helped me until this day It teared my soul apart Knowing it's been 7 months since you've been gone But the things you taught me have brought me far along
TEN toes as he counts them Curling and uncurling As he commands them to move For one of the last times The doctor showed concern
It's been almost a year That's three-hundred-sixty-five days since the last time I saw you Since the last time you had life inside you. I remember the wires, the hoses, the machines
I wonder what you were like. My father's father, cast away from the light. I never met you like I wish I have You never heard me talk or seen me walk We never had a chance to sit together and laugh.
Dear Chuy,   
A Letter to Grandpa   Grandpa, How do I say goodbye?   I remember the days spent at your ranch, They fill me with joy- and with guilt.  
A Letter to Grandpa   Grandpa, How do I say goodbye?   I remember the days spent at your ranch, They fill me with joy- and with guilt.  
Goodbye Tatay*   Dear Tatay, I still find myself talking about you in present tense. It’s been twelve years since I flew from Manila, I wish when I picked up the bags I was aware of the permanence.
The pain is like a cold, sharp knife It is twisted, stuck in my heart; The pain is like a frozen land The frostbite sears right through my heart;
Grandpa, A life taken too soon. A man full of wisdom, Happiness, and truth. As you lay on that hospital bed, and my eyes swell with tears
“Follow me, my child” you said with a smile in your kind, wise eyes “Let me show you how to heal” And you did   “Follow me, my child” you said with a gentle outstretched hand
Dear God, The great all glorious man in the sky It's me, you're originally raised catholic girl who's grandparents installed in her your love I stayed a good girl for a long time, I prayed and I went to church
he smelled like books and cigarettes and the sad smile he wore was almost as loose as his shirt.   he smelled like beer and his dog Rocky
David F. Battey, He was a lot of things in 85 years He was a father, a grandfather, a husband, a friend. He was a learner, a doer, a thinker.
Because I Love You I miss you every day because I love you I keep your pictures beside me, and do not allow desperation to misguide me.
Because I Love You I miss you every day because I love you I keep your pictures beside me, and do not allow desperation to misguide me.
A stranger’s love is the best kind of love They love you until the end They know not who you are But they seem to know where you’ve been  
You don’t realize until it happens, that a person can die multiple times without once being resurrected.   You don’t realize until it happens, that a heart can break endlessly without being glued back together.
One year's passed, one dreadful year of sadness and longing, like being underwater for 12 months, the noises and experiences muffled and insignificant, seems as if he has been on a years vacation,
If I had one more day with you, I'd ask about your life. I'd learn so many things, Even hear about the bad times.   If I had one more day with you, You would show me more about cars.
For 12 years,  You made me laugh For 12 years, You gave me advice For 12 years, You kept our family together Now this year, a new year, 2017 You're not here You're not here
I found a faded photograph  Of my grandparents Not the grandparents you’ve met My grandmother who died of cancer The one I’m named after My biological grandfather who killed himself
My hero is my grandpa Someone who I saw no flaw He woke up healthy and happy That day he fell so snappy I saw him go from a working guy To a man who could have died From a little blood on his head
When I ask grandfather, “Why is your face so wrinkled?” Mother hushes me, Grandpa smiles, I keep quiet.   But as the years go by, My childhood question unanswered,
7 a.m. comes way too fast, I snooze my alarm so the ringing will pass. No ambition to start the day, Not too worried about the price I may pay.
I missed you today   I sang a song that reminded me of sitting across from your atrophic mind, Telling you truths in a way that kept it off the pain long enough for you to rest your weary eyes
My best friend, memories are kept with me. Why’d it have to end?   My successes I send, flying free. My best friend.  
Wherever I may go I know where I have been. My grandfather, has lost this. For everything he sees, he does not remember. Memories make us who we are. Without them, we are a lost cause.  
Why are they so happy It’s not like he’s coming back I think this is dumb   They are all really old Like, boarding on ancient
There is no poem long enough To describe the closest person to me. His words spewing out of his mouth like a racecar As he tells the hard times of growing up.  And the many disagreeing debates
Blissfully asleep The cold air never seeped in to get me I was protected by a sleeping bag worn old, purple and pink But it was ruined Suddenly that old sleeping bag stopped protecting me
You died one  day ago.
I found three in a row this week:   One in the slushy parking lot on the chunk of sidewalk that bridges the street and still snow-dusted cars together. It was covered in gravel-infested snow.
O'l Ollie is my granddad He's as old as a Dino If he heard he'd be mad So if he asks say no
Mommy please
Tears fall to the floor Can't fight this feeling anymore Of loss and regret Can't take one more step Because I won't come back The feelings will be intact And I see That I'll be
Papa, do you see me? Scared little girl in the corner I know you told me to smile Not to cry or mourn or Wish I could’ve done something Made your pain go away Found a cure faster
  Tears flow as time whisks her away Each second her pain escalates, she tries to hide it Grandma hurls as chemo fills her veins, we pray It’s the only thing Grandpa can’t fix with his tool kit  
I can feel you I know your here I can feel you walking around I can feel you cooking breakfast Your presence makes me smile Your presence makes me cry I'm happy.
As I looked into his eyes memories flooded into my head.
A little girl use to laugh at jokes he told her  Even if she didn't understand a word  She use to try to mimic back every joke she learned  Bet he had a ball laughing at all her little failures 
How does death choose? Who we lose? How does it pick them? Each victim. I wish it hadn't picked you.   I had no choice as your voice just faded away, and day after day
The most important thing about my grandpa is that he will aways love me. He also never stops joking, touching peoples' lives, and he will never stop creating art.
She made her way through the treacherous grass forest. Step after step, she journeyed as quickly as her short legs could take her.
I took your love for granted And I apologize I wonder what my life would be like If you was still alive You was a great man And taught me great wisdom I miss you
  The cool breeze skims my skin, Giving me the chills. My toes crinkle in the sand, As I quickly look to the hills.   Remembering him was easy, But missing him was hard.
My body doesn't seem to want to work anymore.
There was a man, a great man, one who I called a hero. He was quiet, hardworking and most of all a humble man. All his life this man worked from sun up to sun down. The word to describe this man is "faithful".
The sun shines on this day but you are on my mind, There were so many things left to say I regret the loss of time   I will always remember the good times Though a tear falls from my eye
So much dependsupon his broad and freckledshoulders still and at silentattention next to red, white, andblue.
Grandpa where did you go? Grandpa why did you leave? Ever since you've left,  I feel like i cant breath, The nights feel longer and the sun shines less, My life without you is filled with distress,
They smile and they giggle And the back is filled with bumps. His hands on the the wheels and each turn is smooth as silk. It weaves a brilliant spiderweb Through the mornings, after school.
“I’m sorry for your loss” Yeah, so am I Thanks for reminding me Constantly that someone I love is gone I appreciate the gesture I really do But do you know what I lost
I know one day you'll have to go and that's the day that I will know, that you'll be under heaven's apple tree looking down and watching over me. I'll miss you and you'll miss me, so I'll dream of our apple tree
Love is not a kiss and a hug. Love is expressed though a kiss and a hug. Love is a treasure often kept close. It is more than an emotion, it gives hope.
How I miss you Papa I could never describe
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