Can you see me?

Papa, do you see me?

Scared little girl in the corner

I know you told me to smile

Not to cry or mourn or

Wish I could’ve done something

Made your pain go away

Found a cure faster

Found a way so you could stay

But I haven’t been listening

And I miss you so much

And it’s your old blanket that

When sad, I tend to clutch

Just tell me how to please you

Are you watching me at all?

I just want a sign but

I know you can’t simply call

They say you don’t know

What you have ‘til it’s gone

I always told myself it wasn’t true

But now I know I was wrong

Why did you have to leave me?

No one prepared me for this

And I never knew how much

Of you I could miss

How will you see me graduate?

How will you walk me down the aisle?

How will you meet my children?

How will I ever smile?

Nothing is the same anymore

The family is falling apart

You were the glue to hold us together

The glue the mend my heart

And I’m trying to be strong

No one can see me crying

But when I’m alone at night

I can feel my happiness dying

Papa, can you see me?

Being strong, like you told me

But the only thing I want, I need

Is for my Papa to hold me


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