My John


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I know one day you'll have to go
and that's the day that I will know,
that you'll be under heaven's apple tree
looking down and watching over me.
I'll miss you and you'll miss me,
so I'll dream of our apple tree
and you sitting there, waiting on me.
One day I'll be there too,
Sitting under the tree with you.
I just want you to know,
That even when you're gone,
You'll always be my John.

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Did you know that there is a language called Urdu? and in this Language is a branch from Arabic and sister language of Hindi. In the language of Urdu Jon (In your case John) means when you ended the poem saying, "You'll always be My John," what you would have said in Urdu is that, "You will always be my LIFE." And that really spoke to me and for that I say thank you for these words....


Wow thank you so much for that little piece of information really means a lot.

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