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First, above all else; I hope you are well. I hope you are happy And cared for And maybe even loved The way I was meant to love you The way I wanted to love you The way I would have loved you
Children are supposed to play, Not spend so much time wondering why they've been betrayed. At what age should a child be able to define dismay? How young is too young for a child to learn to hate?
Instead of seeing me as I am today all you see is who I used to be. The person I used to be is not the man I am today. Time leaves a brutal scar on us all, separating one from another.
Average, Normal, Typical, Who has the say to define such? Who has the say to define beauty, class, status? All is crafted and twined by mankind.
Last time around it was 25 to life this time around it's A New Life a new beginning Come on with me they gave me attempted murder aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
It all started with the Drums. That steady beating that created towers and slums. Steady beating for those wounded and fallen, Drumming for those who were beaten and forgotten All were supposed to seen as a patriot,
    All I need…   All I need is music Music is everything to me It keeps me calm I'm distressed Its there to listen to me
I’ll see you after seasons change when we’re bundled up again, when breezes penetrate thermal layers and our fat gloved hands are teenagers again, awkwardly holding each other in your coat’s
There will be a day where I would be stranded. With all of the objects in the world I would not take any materialistic objects Not cameras, photos, or phones
Smile, smile, a world of smiles. When you haven't seen your own in a while, look around and you will see, smile, smile, a world of smiles.  
All I need are books and pens And study halls with all my friends. All I need is the internet To answer the questions i dont get All I need is the library And to cry when the stress is getting to me.
Live life without hindrance, please sir It is something taken for granted, all should have None of us truly do… not even you, do you defer? Might as well do it now, it is only gonna get worse  
Whatever I need... Is all I need Whether it be the love of my life Or a tiny flax seed Whether the world on my shoulders Or the sun's delightful rays The love of my life, and his beholders
All I need are the lives of my brethren, given up for the ideals of the free. Pressing forward with my dreams I've been buildin' Seeing all these faces looking up at me. Millin' in my mind, all the time,
Two mirrors standAdjacent, opposedStaring into the infinityThey strive to approach   BecomingBut never being
My mind is blank, My thoughts won't flow. I'm a bit bored,  So I look out the window. I begin a new book, It reminds me of you. If you ask me why,  I'll have no clue.
Like a string on a bow, you get tugged, pulled so far back, you think you may just snap. Like an arrow, you soar, Form. Aim. Fire. Miss. What went wrong? You can't succeed on your own.
Letters, 26, Everything we are, and will ever be, A compilation, Of 26, All that's been said, All we will ever say, A mix of 26,  Letters, A, B, C, Makes up you,
Enlarge your vision … and You can achieve whatever You put Your mind to ..   increase Your confidence .. inside You are untapped potentials ..   Your dreams can definitely come true ..
Curtains are drawn at night, To shield our fragile minds From obscurities Mute outside.   Half are opaque, Half are translucent. Variety feeds the filters
Type. Just type. My fingers dangle above the keyboard, Splashing each word, verb, sentence- That comes to mind.  The words are like snow to me: Soft, Delicate, And pure. 
live through me who lives to be
thank you for this life
What is it that you see when you see me?
to speak but cannot form the words that would fulfill my thoughts desire. to gain freedom but scared to face the breakout of war against another. yes, yes this is how you and i must feel, this is how you and i try to explain,
I don't understand why life seems to just pass me by. Like I'm making no improvement. Just excuses for the human eye. To mark me as another statistic. They see me as just another welfare collector.
         Pain has brought me to the fear of being alone now. These are words that may, NO, can never escape my lips. They need me to be strong. I can't let them see me cry. Why you ask, because my strength is all they got.
Just a brick in the wall I shall not fall I look like the rest but I shall not fall forged from best minerals stronger than adamantium i am the strength of us all im the sweet smell you smell from cookies fresh out the oven im clearer than the cl
HOOK: All but one that can make this complete, All but one that can solve this mystery. VERSE: The one piece I'm looking  for it might be happiness, love, or maybe trust.
  I've been waiting for a while but I found out that this is my moment, No more stalling because I have become my own opponent, Bearing myself up striving to achieve perfection,
I have never slowed down. Ran afraid from it all. My pain that I harbor from every time I fall.   I have hid in shame and have froze in fear. I've even morned the death
I have never slowed down. Ran afraid from it all. My pain that I harbor from every time I fall.   I have hid in shame and have froze in fear. I've even morned the death
For all we know, we could have died years ago.  Our sleepless, immobile bodies floating around, waiting to be kissed by the Earth to start over and begin a new life.  For all we know, life is one big dream.
I have an unhealthy attraction to brokenness
when your in love there is always pain! you know why? becuase love is the sister or pain. you fall in love he might brak your
he sits in the shower pools of blood at his sides  the water washing away his tears along with the crimson liquid pouring from his wrists. he hates who he is. a disappointments a fuck up
What would we be if god made it so we couldn't see?
  I woke up today with tears in my eyes. Walked down the hall, Mom asked what was wrong; I couldn't lie.. Mom held me close and whispered in my ear Words that still ring, loud and clear:  
Life is hard, life is tough, it knocks you down, sucks you dry, even when you had enough you can't hide, running will make it even more rough, stand strong, will it out, no matter how hard,
The day it rained diamonds crowds flooded the streets, but riots broke out,  and all feel to their knees. Then mixed with the shine, came the dullness of blood.
I came into in to the world and I knew who you were But I didn’t know you I slipped out of the womb battered and bruised and the only reason I lived was because of you And yet I’m ungrateful Running around hiding
Feet on ground Head in the sky Making plans for the future When I am barely getting by Just happy to be smiling So lucky to be alive Whether money grows on trees Or I am begging on my knees
The royalty he desires Burns brighter Than any fire The dreams he always had Mislabeled as passing fads Late nights, constantly wishing For miracles that have been missing
All my life I was taught what I thought was right and wrong. All my life I dressed for church and knelt before the Lord my God. All my life I sinned and hurt and all my life I lied. 
  I have placed this pen in a behemothic, spherical object, Where it is not required to nest in the area it was assigned to,  But it has the option to wander around, And perform what it desires.  
The cardinal is red                                                                                    Happy as can be With its wings spread                                                                          
You make promises that you never keep Break my heart,andmake me weep. Never do I protestI just ignore the pain,So that in your armsI can rest.  
I looked at her I took a good long, long look at her At moments she was as pretty as the multi-colored sunset, waving goodbye as it faded it into the ocean
Fighting, but i'm weak with both hands. A vacation, eyes detect no beach, feet feel no sand. Double left handed, clubsy but talented. Can't get a job, did once but got fired because I couldn't manage the way my manager managed things.
The art of progression Is something of enlightenment The fact that you can evolve And then involve your mind In a split second A fragment of your life Becomes your whole Time Waisted
Why must you pull me back? you evil thing tugging with a lion's brutality on the cords of my ankles. then I cannot walk or run free. and leap through those transparent but fierce and threatening walls of this cage.
Of all comes none, yet feels as still some semblance of a substance seen unreal, echo endless hollow beauty immeasurable.
Our World is quiet, and operates in shadows. The secret committees commence with their meetings. The silent leaders annually rendezvous. We are strong and stealthy, though we are only teething.
Use to drink all the time, torn up from sky to ground, lock up two or three, times ago, you don't know, how it is to slip, I have once falled under, take pain pills at christmas,
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