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Losing someone you love is the hardest thing that anyone can go through, It's so strange to think about them being gone when they were always there for you. Some people will never understand the love that we have for our pets, 
Winston My cat, appearing on this page. Is only one, a youngish age, The very coy-est of the coy, Needless to say, it’s a boy.
dollops of dandermighty mousers meander—cats with cattitude. . © 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.  
Soft pink illuminations trickle through The thread bare membrane of curtains Dribbling light down the windows ledge  
Sometimes it is hard to explain to people what is going on in your head, To put into words all of these thoughts that you typically dread. Sometimes you realize that maybe it is better to not talk about them at all,
When you claim to not be a child, it's like Saying you can breath underwater or see through walls: Only a child thinks that. But to say an adult cannot be a child
Benny’s Biography By: Alexis Seith   im a kind and carefreey kiddo, and my name is benny hyde. im sory for my speling but, you see, im only 5. my brother-he’s in first grade
Doggies. Very loyal. They are human's prime friends. Do not cause any harm to them. Canines.
soft kitten fur against my baby cheek puppies run to catch me by diaper up high on horseback with mom behind me kids and lambs nibble little ears children soak up the world
Beautiful bird sings To me it sounds like squawking Every single morning
Through the frosty window, in crisp air and a silent sea of white I see the tiptoe of a fox, bright as a burning ember My breath snatched, I stare— dark eyes Then I see the mounds, scattered—
Dear Precious,   To many you weren’t much.
Her gleaming coat is as golden as the sun, Her mane is coarse hay. She nickers softly, the day has begun, And she begins to play keep away.  
When death looks at you through a creature’s eyes, Sorrow and remorse filling those once bright windows to the soul, A pet says their last goodbye, As family members gather in woe.
Creatures. Some are our pets Who do deserve our love. Adopt them to demonstrate that. Creatures.
The rock, cold and hard. They are lifeless and come in all shapes, color and sizes.
Puppy Red Bone Coon Hound Sweet with soft scarlett fur Curiosity of a cat Canine Loyal Best companion Highly tuned sense of smell Courageously defending me Fearless Princess
there is a house on 8th street with low ceilings and kitchen cabinets painted lavender
Family, family is strong. Family ties, nothing can last as long. Some might say family is in the way. But being alone is the price they pay. Love that will never go. Love that will always show.
Rigby is my dog Without him I would be lost  He lights up my world  
I’ve had a long day. I’m coming home. I kick off my shoes, Moaning and groaning.   Then I see you. My face lights up.   You run towards me. You jump on me. You lick my face.
He barks so loud Right in my ear Like the most annoying alarm. “Time to get up.” He yips. “I am starving.” I just want to sleep Roll over and never get up. “Feed me, I am so hungry.”
Whether my body is tired or it is fully awake, Whether grief and guilt weigh me down or joy keeps me as light as a feather, I still find needed comfort with you, my friend. You keep things simple,
Rolling on overwet noses and furry tailsmake the day perfect
You step over the threshold of your front door, A little nose peaks through the crack of the door before you open it, Those big brown eyes smiling at you once you step in. Their tail happily wagging and a wiggling butt,
The days can only get tougher And life can only get harder- But when I walk in the door and am greeted by your excitement- My day can only get better, And my smile can only get brighter.  
They told me you were dangerous But I knew differently Not danger, but pain is what I could see You had been beaten and abused You had been torn and used But now you're safe with me
My dog really loves to be scratched On his ears and head Oscar, so cute, he makes me happy
My brave knight is but a simple peasant. Swift he is not upon the earthen ground. The chambers he keeps aren’t very pleasant. His stomach is more than a little round.
my dog lani had a hernia on her stomach she spent a lot of time crying now she spends her time wreaking havoc on our brand new carpet--and it's my dad who's crying   my dog lani
stroke his soft gray stripes sandpaper tongue rasps gently he sits and listens. 
In my town Animals are left behind By visitors who "forgot" The giant dog from their back seat Or the cat that sits on their shoulders As if they were merely a toy Or a trinket Or a shirt
Big and black, white under neck, white on paws and under belly, furry and warm, smells like feathers. Always sleeping, always licking, meticulously cleaning fur. Laying on my bed,
I have a dog, or rather, we have eachother Shes the best dog in the world I don't know what I would do without her She comes to me when I cry It dosn't matter why Shes there and lets me hug her 
Every morning starts with your gentle touch It makes me so happy because i love you so much We leave the bedroom and head down the stairs But you're holding on tight so I have no reason to be scared
i still find your hairs on my pillow and i stillthink of you when i open the doori still manage to worry if i've left any papers on my floori still sneeze as much as i didwhen you were around
My dog, mine. My life disrupted, my space invaded. No! Down! My nerves a wreck. Come here, you hungry? I love you. Pee on the floor,hair everywhere, stupid dog.  
I have two cats One Black and One Gray One scratches and one plays
Winter is a slippery time for walking My clunky boots skate along the ice The temperature is chillingly shocking On this adventure, I’ve only fallen twice   Spring blooms of bright scented flowers
You had my heart from the first moment I saw you. You played with my long hair for at least an hour while I held you in my arms. You cried the whole way home but I sang to you to calm your fears.
I was so sure, yet so afraid. I was right but also wrong. My heart so big, but my home so small. My time so limited by needs to be met and selfish desires.
ven't found the right words They're not in any song I hear
You came without warning, and I thank you
Thank you for caring.
Pigs, chickens, cows, and goats. Products on my shelf. Unable to speak as I rip off thier coats.
Flopping ears and sagging jaws I bolt across a field after the rabbit Digging holes with my big paws   Laying on the grass in the warm sun I sleep and dream and snore This life is full of naps and fun
I've been walking these streets for a long time.
  Hundreds of children All yelling with glee Come running inside With much to see. I sit here, Scared and alone,
Does it make you feel strong or are you just incapable Of putting yourself in someone else’s position? Do you feel big and bad when innocence squirms? When you force pure love into submission?  
I noticed you leave as it rained yesterdayWiping the last of your paw prints awayI joined with the sky as the heavy drops fellNow my windshield is bare and my heart is as wellI got home from school and waited for you
I miss fighting with you to see your 'I told you so smile" I know I wont see it for awhile I miss the look in your eye when you know what you're doing You always do whatever you want to
Why are you crying?  I'm still here, I'm still alive,  Still panting,  Still loving.     Do you remember?  When I could swim?  When I could jump?  When I could run?  
fingers run down your coat. a hand strokes your side. you retain nothing. where’s the love I once felt pouring from your skin? you aren’t absorbing the love I’m rubbing to your bone. move, baby, look at me.
My friend, I have stayed with you until the end This decade we had Me, you, Mom, and Dad The loving licks on my face Will somehow replace  The tears on it right now The bag of chow 
(A gentle touch of comfort is what he brings to me. A glimpes of hope is what she give me. Unlimited love and affection is what they offer. Her concerned eyes waiting to connect with mine. He waits for a forever home.
Standing at the door with tears to the floor Memories of Lou come rushing some more Once on a sunny day a little lost soul came my way  With love and care I earned his trust  and soon he was apart of us 
The words unspoken between me and you, They have the same depth as a city pool. I wait and wait as time flies bye, Thinking about a life full of memories that you left behind.
He's big He's lazy He's old He's crazy His fur is soft His mouth is slobbery He can be sweet and cuddly and yet stop a burglery He's all these things, and many more
My family brought me home cradled in their arms.They cuddled me and smiled at me and said I was full of charm.They played with me and laughed with me and showered me with toys.
​No one feels the pain I feel. No one gets how much it hurts to lose a friend that you've grown up with. A friend that you hung out with that morning before they were gone. He was always there, and I never questioned it.
You're always there to dry my tears Kiss my nose and bite my ears I can go to you when I need to talk And you're always up for an evening walk. My secrets I can rely on you to keep.
Sugar’s eyes are like a vivid love story. Sugar’s heart is like a forever rhyme. Even though life was full of woe and worry, Those memories will survive even time.
Dog Yearning For Loving Adoption Day Home
As I stepped outside from my cool home into the heat, the bright light made me squint my eyes, and I called out his name...
You smell so good when you walk by me. You ignore me and keep walking as you always do. Your beautifully pressed white coat and shinning shoes Walk past me kicking some snow in my face.
click-clack on hardwood my dog’s wanderings rhythm of sleep
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