Snaggle Tooth

Mon, 10/10/2016 - 00:00 -- Ksovern

He barks so loud

Right in my ear

Like the most annoying alarm.

“Time to get up.”

He yips.

“I am starving.”

I just want to sleep

Roll over and never get up.

“Feed me, I am so hungry.”

Acts like I never feed him

Little snaggle tooth grin

Bug eyes staring into my soul.

“You have to get up or I’ll pee.”

Turning over

I do not feel like being an adult today.

He keeps barking at me

Before he huffs and settles next to my head

Snuggling into my shoulder.

“It’s ok if you are a little slow today.”

He snorts.

“Just be better tomorrow.”

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I love this poem, it reminds me of my dog!

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