Fri, 04/11/2014 - 23:11 -- a591m


You came without warning, and I thank you

You shined this bright light upon me


All this time I was with you,

I felt like you were an angel 

Today it is your second anniversary


I pass the hallways thinking about you

Then I begin to cry

I miss your soft hair going through my fingers

At times I think i smell your scent,

Yet it is merely the bitter wind


Remembering the look you gave me, my heart breaks

Your eyelashes so long

I watch the sky, your body taking form in the clouds

Today it is your second anniversary


If i could change it, I would

You leaving,


Me being alone


There's only one of you,

Thousands like you,

But they're not you


If i could change it, I would

You were special

Before I even knew how

You showed me love

Today it is your second anniversary


Afraid of so many things

I cannot move forward

I regret sending you passed those doors

Turning my back


All the while you bore your helpless eyes at me

I ignorant of it all

Had i known the extremities

I would have gone back


I beg your forgivenes

and for your love


I want you here with me

Today is a sad anniversary


I am so,


sorry I didn't go back for you


If I could change Fate

I would change ours


Because you were

my inspiration


All along.






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