Kiss, Kiss

Whether my body is tired or it is fully awake,

Whether grief and guilt weigh me down or joy keeps me as light as a feather,

I still find needed comfort with you, my friend.

You keep things simple,

You eagerly listen to my questions and wait with patience for my answers,

And then,

With a voice dripping of gushing sweetness,

You merrily chirp,

“Kiss, Kiss,”

And promptly lean in to press your cool beak against my cheek.

My heart soars,

And a smile lifts the creases in my face,

At the notion that such a little creature,

With such an impeccable sense of timing,

Could possibly make my day even better.

“Thank you for the kiss, Mr. Indigo,” I reply,

But there’s so much more I should thank you for.

As you neatly preen your pale feathers,

The tip of your wing grazes the tip of my nose,

And I begin to wonder,

How cold would my shoulder be,

Without a perched, blue bird to warm it?

The mere thought makes me frown;

My life wouldn’t be the same.

We share a glance for a moment,

Your beady eyes nearly hidden from view by a dramatic crest of feathers.

“Thank you for loving me,” I decide to add.

Your delightful cackle fills my ears,

And I answer you with a laugh of my own.

This poem is about: 
My family


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