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Thrash is my lovely sun conure;

He's bright orange and green.

Whenever I come home from school,

He likes to cause a big scene.


I can't have friends over

Because he's a protective little bird.

And when I just want to chill,

He makes sure that he is heard.


He bites and scratches

All over the place,

And when I'm not looking,

He could fall with little grace.


Thrash is annoying;

He's loud and he's rude.

If I look in the floor,

Then I may discover a mess of bird food.


I sigh in exasperation

Sometimes I just want him to leave

I asked for a birthday present

But a monster I have received.


“Birds aren’t for everyone,”

they all said to me.

“I’ll show them,” I said,

“I’ll make them see.”


It turns out that birds aren’t for just anyone,

But they are for me.

Thrash makes me laugh

When others would flee.


His goofy chirps

And small little quirks

Make me smile

When everything else hurts.


So, I love Thrash.

He’s the companion I need

Yes, that’s correct.

Go ahead and reread.


His noisy squaks

Are music to my ears

Because when I need him,

He will be right here.


Whether waiting patiently

To be released from his room

Or just chirping and sitting

While my hair he will groom


Or mimicking and miming

My actions all weekend.

I am sure,

This is no demon.


Upon receiving my sweet little bird,

Others had insisted that I would soon have regret.

But now I just know

That he is one awesome pet.


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