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Too fat, too skinny, too linky, too thick (quit) , Too fat, too skinny, too linky, too thick (average) ,
Ya Know They Say When You Age … That You Should Stay … " ACTIVE " … !!! Now Physically That Makes Sense To Me …
You begin to understand the flow a little more as you go  This much I know. Never here nor there, It’s ethereal All around us, in the air.   It’s all around you  There’s no denying it   
Remember when you broke your right hip? It came as a shock to me. There you were, the picture of health, And only eighty three.   Of course, you were most disgruntled.
Today is the day I’m doing this for me no matter what anyone may think or say Time to reach these goals And I know along the way I’ll make some foes I’m going to join that gym, start eating right
One step, one breath in. Two step, two breath in. Three step, three breath in. Four step, four breath in. Repeat.
I entered college with dreams of opening my own gym Dreams of making others healthy Dreams of creating athletes Dreams of changing lives for the better   Then I stumbled upon a video
Feet bounding... Feet running... Feet jogging... Feet dying!  I see the familiar road,
Stress is a monster that consumes us, Breaking us down from the inside out, Acting like a pimple and its puss, Swelling with insecurity and self doubt.  
When I'm not at my best and ready to give up. I remind myself to ask how am I percieved it would be easy to give up, but I've lost everything that I've strived for. "WHAT A WASTE!" They'd say.
I am not feelin’ good. Instead of staying in my sheets I will hit the streets It was a bad day But this will be a good run.  
Lost because there was too much weight There was too much weight that I was starting to hate I couldn't find myself the one solution But then I realized it was all an illusion I came across the perfect community
Give me that Ball   My orange and black isn’t a Netflix show or Halloween themes NO - Here’s what my orange and black means Jordan shorts and definitely no jeans
Dive in. Feel the water embrace your bones. Watch the many bubbles blossoming from your peach nostrils float to the surface. Break the surface and breathe as deeply as you possibly can.
I open my eyes and look towards my feet. There are weights on a wall seeming to stare at me.
They would yell I was fat, I wanted to change that, It was something I feared,  but my mind was soon cleared,  I gave it a shot, I tried a few squats, It changed my whole life, 
Going to the early morning workouts, Finshing with sore's grip on my muscles. With my body begging to tap out, I tell myself to keep up the hustle. Consuming foods that grow from the Earth,
When i am in the gym i feel at peace, The hard work and the sweat prove to me my determination, When i find myself angry the gym is a release, This body i build, my very own creation,
On your mark. Set. Go! Out into the world and claim it as your own See the passing street lights as you get into your zone Focus, as you open your stride
It's been days when you've been just sitting there relaxing Relaxing like you don't feel those contractions It's been years since you felt satisfation It's time for a change, put in action!
My feet touched the velvety green that lie beyond my door I knew it was grass but couldn't remember the feel anymore The sky, a beautiful blue orb with splotches of white and grey
What's UNDER the ARMOUR? What's inside the shell? What stirs up the STORM? What causes the swell? When times get tough, Do I run and then hide? Or do I stand up and fight,
Run that extra mile, Pick up those and move them to that pile. Keep up that pace, The goal of this is to finish your race! You look tired, you seem sore But you have to keep giving it more.
Body image issues, sleep apnea, heart disease, infertility, gallstones and diabetes? All are caused by being overweight. It also becomes difficult to find a mate. A nation where everyone is too large,
The passion runs through my vains
Sitting on the warm hard tiles engulfed with water and soap Pondering about life and all of its hope The water stops and the door swings open Only to reveal a provoking commotion
The girl I should have been is strong. She is beautiful and mighty in every way imaginable. The girl I should have been is extremely disciplined. She will not cheat herself because she
Her hair swings down her back, Her Nikes are pounding down the pavement, Each step leads her to a new world, Water starts to fall, landing everywhere. She spins with the beat while the water spins with her.
Get it, be fit. That's it, work it. Hard work is the fee. A healthy body is the key. Eat right, and exercise. Go play, lets advertise. Together we can, change the world, everyone will be a fan.
Get it, be fit. That's it, work it. Hard work is the fee. A healthy body is the key. Eat right, and exercise. Go play, lets advertise. Together we can, change the world, everyone will be a fan.
I run for me, and not for you. It's time to improve myself, and be the person I want to be. I lift because it makes me stronger, and gives me power. Every muscle cramp fuels me to go harder.
My body aches. I sweat. My muscles hurt. I sweat. Exersice causes me to sweat I sweat out my pains, and my fears I sweat, to feel.
The Zone The Zone Mirros chaos and exertion Emphasizes struggle and pain Rids the body of subltelty and disdain  Requires complete mental immersion The Zone Where I choose to make my home
Lacrosse is my favorite sport I love running and I love to score Without lacrosse my life would be a bore I never want to quit I only want more When I am on the field I run as fast as I can
Lace up running shoes, Hit the trail; Lost in thought, Discover yourself
I will prove you wrong.  I will show you that I can.  I will never quit.  I will fight for it.  I will be knocked down.  I will want to stop.  I will get back up.  I will do it for ME. 
Fitness is more than a way to shed fat and pounds It is more than being healthy and active It is more than trying to extend your life and live it healthily What is fitness to me? Fitness is a life style
When I run, I am free, my chains are broken. My shoes are like the13th Amendment; I am no longer a slave to society. When I run, no one can own me, the road becomes my empowerment. Strength, Struggle, Satisfaction.
Exercise is good for you, Blood, sweat, and tears, will get you through the deepest blue and fit throughout the years, you may not like it at the start but then you get addicted,
Bent over sweating, breathing with intention, fluid running down your face, desire pumping through your veins. only looking forward, but not further than tomorrow, exhaustion is on its way,
Apples, chicken, peanut butter too, all these foods are good for you turkey, water, anything green, nourish your body, its a mean machine running, walking, lifting weights, ooo
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