doctor who

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Clara Oswald WhoSecret wife of Doctor WhoReturned from September's honeymoonBy way of last year's month of June ..© 2019 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved .
Steaming, putrid, horrifying hatred- hatred being pushed as the norm- as if fighting others is a righteous thing. Let's avoid being drones. Let's keep our humanity intact.
the man with eyes eons older than his smile told me that we are different people all throughout our lives but we must never forget who we used to be  
There is a Tardis in my closet. Yes, outside may look normal. A small and normal door on a blank and normal wall. Nothing out of the ordinary, but open the door and walk right in.
Through his eyes, I see the lightening hot streaks of the soulless metallic demons weapons as they rain down death from the dark crimson skies.
London brown and Tardis blue. The next time I see your face you may be someone new, But when I look deeply into your eyes I will know that it is you.
Grow up, they’ll tell you. Put down the toys, stop the tinkering. Life’s more than just messing around they’ll say. Develop a purpose. Go out and make a difference.
Every step that I take, every corner I look upon Is another way for me to lose myself in—? And what I try to say to you, always lost for words, I don’t think I’ll ever be the same without you.
To all the doctor who fans out there   
Who am I? Is that really the question? No, that can’t be. The real question is this: Who could I be?   Somedays I’m King Arthur, strong and fair A man of valor sitting in equality’s chair
  The Doctor runs through time and spaceSometimes alone, sometimes with a friendNow and then he gets a different faceAnd his companions always leave him in the end
You're standing there closing The crack in my wall And you know that I’m staring But don’t mind at all ‘Cause you’ve seen this Seen this before And you've been this Been this before
The first thing I need to say is "Run!" Run for your life Don't ever slow down Don't ever blink You never want to miss a moment Because every moment is important
We won’t blink when we see a stone face
Race today to the only place where nothing is or mislaid Good now keep on; keep going to the one place in all time and space
I wish that one day I could see the stars without having to look through bars or the polution of our cars.   I would hold one in my hand and the beauty would be so grand that I could hardly stand.
Far away we shall goExploring the universeAnd so much more.Places to go and places to seeThe Doctor chose his companionWhich happens to be me.Fighting off Cyber menChasing around Daleks
Sonic screwdriver Rose Tyler, Donna Noble Doctor without name
History, you say But you don't mean the war that tore the world apart Not this war (Not this world) History, you say Looking out at the past Remembering The broken soldier who learned to love
BBC is great Doctor Who always hurts me Watch it, it is fun!
Dreams of travel Tales of space, A single man With a changing face. Dutiful from the Very start, A vesicle For a broken heart.
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