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the man with eyes eons older than his smile told me that

we are different people all throughout our lives

but we must never forget who we used to be


i don’t think you’ve forgotten

what you and i used to mean


our definition still rings true in your mind

weighs down your high-as-a-kite conscience

tolling like a liberty bell


no, you’ve shoved us in a corner

a place where the light doesn’t quite reach


you’re trying to rebuild yourself, i know

but you’re using all the wrong stones

you’ve got a faulty foundation and no hindsight in sight


who’s to say you won’t crack under the pressure

capsize and light up the sky in your beautiful demise

when the next storm hits


you tried to cut me out

but you’re using safety scissors

you’re still the same scared girl i knew

back when my world was just me and you

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