The Life of a Whovian

The first thing I need to say is "Run!"

Run for your life

Don't ever slow down

Don't ever blink

You never want to miss a moment

Because every moment is important

You can live for 900 years and you will never meet anyone who is not important

When you're a kid they tell you how your life will go

You grow up

You get married

You have kids

But the world is more than that

It is so much stranger

So much darker

So much better

The universe is so big and complicated

Sometimes impossible things just happen

We call them miracles

But there is bad in the world, too

But the bad does not have to ruin the good

Sometimes one must tolerate demons for the sake of an angel

We are all stories in the end, right?

I mean, everybody knows that everybody dies

But just one last thing before I go, you are fantastic.


(Quotes from Doctor Who- belongs to Stephan Moffat and BBC)





This is absolutely FANTASTIC!

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